Varney: This is a political disaster for the Democrats

FOX Business host Stuart Varney argues the Biden team doesn’t know to ‘deal’ with inflation.

STUART VARNEY: This administration is clueless on inflation. It’s our most serious economic problem, and the Biden team does not know how to deal with it.

The plan, if you can call it that, is entirely political. It’s not an economic plan. It’s a series of hits on political targets: big oil, big business, and billionaires. 

Or it’s “vote buying,” 

That is, spending trillions which they say will lower costs for working people.

What does that do for high prices right now?

 And those high prices hurt the very people the Democrats say they are trying to help!

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  1. The democrats WANT high / unaffordable fossil fuel costs! Duh! The freakin campaigned on ending fossil fuels

  2. What caused the toxic stew is Nancy and the democrats. I noticed all my comments are not allowed for her videos. That’s censorship.

  3. Biden is TRASH TALKING while the nation BURN.

  4. Fuc£ the democrats.

  5. Democrats subscribe to modern monetary theory in which you can spend aimlessly with no repercussions. The problem for them and MMT dreamers is facts.

  6. You want to see a economic boom Sloppy Joe needs to take those trillions and give every one a million of it and watch the spending begin

  7. Corporations are embracing climate religion to drive energy prices thru the roof and fleece consumers. That’s the problem.

  8. Helping the poor at the expense of the middle class, who pay the taxes.

  9. He's not run by the green energy people they're just a convenient excuse. He's run by foreign oil companies that are raking in record profits and giving him kickbacks through Hunter.

  10. All they have to do is inflate the ballot count, and these disasters will mean the square root of squat.

  11. Varney, always tells it like it is.
    Inflation/spending, are the most extreme that affect the "working people of this Country. The DEMORATS are EVIL and DANGEROUS.


  13. The Biden team can't handle anything.

  14. High prices, no baby food and transgendering minor children behind parents backs in secret by Deleware's Democrats in their new bill. Not a good look.

  15. anyone still supporting Democrats are just idiots

  16. Democrats are destroying this country because they want América to
    Be dependent
    On China and Russia . We have terrorist in democrat party

  17. Oh they’re not clueless it’s purposeful

  18. Yes it’s seven dollars in California

  19. In the third term of Barack Obama put a clown in the presidents office. Both times all three times actually

  20. Joe is trying to grind us down. I’m like the vc can live off a fish head and a bowl of rice. Beat joe don’t consume.😲

  21. The disaster doesn’t hurt those politicians but the people protest Biden’s house and protest all democrats

  22. Who cares? The communists will will by 3 billion votes.

  23. Don't blame me I voted for Trump

  24. The Biden administration is a Dame disgrace to America and the American People

  25. In 1979 they really were clueless. This current mess is being done on purpose and driven by pure evil. We let them continue at our own peril.

  26. I'm contemplating robbing the house of the family next door that had Biden flags in 2020.

  27. Are they clueless or is this intentional?

  28. democrats had to know that this trans idea and calling americans the biggest threat to America was a non winner.

  29. It's simple. They are truly idiots

  30. record corporate profit from price gouging during a pandemic is what you call inflation?

    wow. you're stupid. got it.

    i'd like to thank republikkkowards for being so stupid they brought back the abortion issue before the elections…. good job!!

    almost 70% of US ADULTS support abortion rights…


    the good news is the fascist republikkkowards are vastly outnumbered


    there are more registered DEMS than REPUBS


    the largest group of voters in the USA are IND no party voters (40%) and 70% of them supported Bernie


    women out vote men our entire lives… and for many generations women overwhelmingly vote DEM


    republikkkowards are outnumbered

    they're just too dishonest to admit FACTS

  31. Democracy isn't free. This is a global problem.

  32. They have no intention of dealing with inflation, they are causing it on purpose…how do you people not see this?

  33. Varney democrats are under Satans control they think they are ushering in the new Messiah but they are fools for devils who hate!

  34. They are NOT clueless- they are doing exactly what they have been paid to do!

  35. To sum up the Biden presidency I would say it's all about the left wing ideology and policies. They do nothing for the best of the country. The American people come last. We will all suffer and starve before they will do anything that opposes their agenda to help us.

  36. The government is run by immoral thieves and robbers debasing the currency and stealing food out of the mouths of babies that do not vote. This is the price to be paid as a result of the creation of civil government. Just abolish it, none of these things would take place, you and your family would live as free people, and these criminals would have to get actual productive jobs for a change.


  38. Inflation is governed by the cost of fuel period. Let's go Brandon

  39. High price Jo inflation Biden what A loser.

  40. Yeah go give thanks Eleon Musk. When I told everyone about what was actually telling your government on the happenings of the democrats stealing funds from innocent American people. And Passing what ever bills they want to. And Mr Musk is using censorship on what I have to say on Twitter. I also have to say something about Mr musk he was Canadian and got the idea off my friends, friend to make the electric car.
    He is nothing but a common thief who gets his ideas from other people's ideas. They should send him back to Africa to cut of.his hands. I say this because I know him and he is a liar and a cheat. Who was listening to one of my friends, friend dad talking about the electric car. Which was someone else invention a 100 years ago. Why do you think he calls his company Tesla he had to. He should give the Tesla family all his money he earned of their great grandfather. So tell us Elon who is the real person who invited the electric car is. Abd what engineer who made it for you. Because clearly you are not that smart. I will give you a compliment for fooling the American people who built it. But you will never fool this Canadian who knows you and what your really about. Please explain Mr musk the hygiene car was my f$$ing idea you fool you have your personal spy to listen to me. Just like I told people how to make water and all a sudden a scientist come out and saying he discovered how to. When I told people that it has been in front of their faces for almost three hundred yearsit is called HO2 and it was my idea to make water are you playing god again Elon Musk. thats why they call holy water for you are a thief nothing more nothing less. So please explain to world how you stole the very thing you said you made. But I know the truth about you are in it for fame and attention. Do please explain who you really are. Because I am confused because you think your like someone who is smart witty but you are con. So set it straight I know you. You lived Canada. No I am not nuts and want to hurt you. I just want the real persons who ideas and invention you stole. So please explain to America people how you lie about who you really are. I am waiting and everyone should not buy what he is selling. Because he paid some engineer to make everything. So explain away Mr Musk to American people who you really are and what you stole. Are trying to be anti Jesus because he is in no building or temple look up to him he is the shining sun. So don't think your are going to make to mars so fast Mr Musk. I have something waiting for you. Which you can't cheat your way out of this one. it will happen to you as well as all of us so start crying that you live in your factory. When people live in tents and boxes on the street. So I don't want to listen to you complain about how hard you have it. Because it is all down hill from here and pretty sure you know this. So please Elon Musk tell the world who you really are? The truth and nothing but the truth explain away Mr Musk a common thief that is all. I just explained it for you. So American people don't think this man is so smart at all because all he did steal it from other people. So American people ask Mr Musk how many billions of dollars he maid off other people's ideas. EXPLAIN

  41. We need a real man in the White House,someone like Cornpop!

  42. Democrats cause all the problems!

  43. Definitely, everyone sees what they are doing everyone !

  44. The left could f up a railroad track with a rubber hammer… F all of ‘em and MAGA…!!!