Sunday , April 18 2021
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Varney: Want a handout? Stay in New York!

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney rips Democratic states for raising taxes and giving handouts.

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  1. You can do fine in NYS, if your willing to live like a rat.

  2. NY's f-up'd version of Robin Hood, where they steal from lawful taxpayers then reward unlawful illegals. NY was in a budget deficit well before covid, but Leftists used the $1.9T covid bill to bail them out.

    I don't know why I continue to work, because all they do is force me to pay more in taxes while they reward bad behavior.

  3. The largest cesspool in America ! Vote for dumbocrats for years then complain nothing changes ! They put stupid in the water and no one cares. At least Crapafornia is trying to recall its Governor !

  4. They've long taxed our water, and now they gonna fully tax the air we breath via green new deal and more…

  5. I would never live in New York!

  6. Want a hand out! Just be illegal and go to the banana republic of the former usa

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  8. Can I claim to be illegal so I can get free healthcare free college free housing and free money 🤔

  9. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. America is in a downward spiral to collapse. When you have more uneducated than educated it tends to create overwhelming tension. Rebellion and turmoil have occurred in many past civilizations and cultures leading to their own demise.

  11. Kick Thom After That Broofin

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  13. Taxing heavily to pay illegals. Blue states love to help everyone but their own…

  14. Andrew Yang and his ubi wants a value added tax on top of income, real estate and sales taxes. You think he needs a ubi, shite no he made millions off a nonprofit corporation he started which pays no taxes.

  15. $15,000 for illegal immigrants

  16. Facebook leaked all your info to the big banks. So you all be broke if your still Republican.

  17. This should be retitled: do you have to work for a living? Leave New York.

  18. People are fleeing high taxes yet from Biden on down Dems arein complete denial that the wealthy and coporations won't leave Blue States or the country. It is truly insane

  19. Or come across border illegally

  20. The more photos I see of Newsom and Cuomo, the more they look like mobsters/mafia slime

  21. 0:23 using "Joe Biden's win." well some seven eastern seaboard states "called" the election early on election eve. among them: Virginia and Rhode Island, where "honest joe's" predecessor lead the challenger by a two-to-one margin. ..i guess they knew the EXACT number of unopened mail-in votes! odd.

  22. and nothing will be done

  23. There are still a number of New Yorkers that want our state back.. We are not giving up here. This is a beautiful state. Outside of the vorrupt6 political arena..

  24. The banks are all corrupt and we are loosing 800,000 JOBS A WEEK !!! 800,000 LOST JOBS EVERY WEEK !! ! THIS IS CALLED A DEPRESSING !

  25. Not going anywhere near this Democratic state.

  26. Corporate America got trillions in corrupt socialist bailouts and Varney is fine with that. Varney is stuck in the 80s

  27. Welfare states vs free states either one or the other. But once they run out of money they will no longer be manageable.

  28. Thank you very much for this program..


  30. Work in a State prison..2 percent raise for the the second year in a row…per contract not received but give 25,ooo to illegals…shameful

  31. What the hell is wrong with these Democrats giving other people money they're not even from America there goes Americans first

  32. Wait… weren't you talking not so long ago about the Exodus from the place..
    Now you're advocating people stay and pick up the cheques…
    Well in fairness that's one thing nobody can accuse Fox of…consistency.

  33. president, hse p , the career 👿-Craps politicians… Radical Leftist🤬 Dumped the Responsibility to Americans Taxpayers to Pay for Blue States that their Sorry excuses leaders let Lives & Cities Be Destroyed.
    👉These States Still Had MILLIONS of Reserved Funds.🤬

  34. This story confirms my belief that the people that vote DEMOCRAT are mostly dependents while the people who Republican are mostly providers.

  35. Hawaii is pushing a 17% state tax fee…

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