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Vice President Kamala Harris takes her walk to the White House

Kamala Harris takes her first walk as vice president into the White House and Amy Klobuchar comments on the inauguration ceremony.


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  1. Kamala didn’t go to Howard Law, she went to undergrad at HU

  2. That Chinese puppet needs to be impeached and investigated for dealling state secrets with the CCP ✊ #CCP #ChinaJoe

  3. Joe Biden the worst , keep your kids away from him…

  4. America needs to drop there self righteous pride and REPENT.

    You’re a rotten filthy dirty sinner.
    Jesus died for sinners.

    Sadly most reject and end up in HELL. Everyday people die unsaved. Jesus is the only way.

    Ask him to save you. Mark 2:17, Romans 10:9-13,
    1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJV ❤️

  5. You shold be in prison with joe dirt.

  6. 3:46 Annnnnd there goes the earring… My mom feels with Kamala…

  7. The snow was clearing away

  8. Fioo, limousines. vebarl. The so if Harris inauguration. Her husband's Mint Konact.yeh I'd left Frito lays

  9. 143 Jill Biden. God bless you. Welcome to you. Professional knowledge of ethics value

  10. So proud an Historical Moment

  11. I Wish could rub hands ( Covid Styles handshakes)with the New VP and Presidents at that place on that day that time! Perhaps one fine beautifully day, CAN

  12. Moment of history, moment for historic recognition of unseen american ignorance

  13. First vice president of America ladies Kamala Harris. 143 & God bless luck of Kamala Harris doctor of philosophy.

  14. I expected positive changes to come real soon

  15. The dislikes on this video lmaooooooo.

  16. The moment Trump supporters didn't want to see.

  17. I love everything about history.Who else doesn't?

  18. breaking new, Vice President Kamala Harris takes her first dump in the White House :/=

  19. Look up her record in California.. she’s evil and racist.

  20. Cool that we have a female v.p! but will she do what she says?. Give her a grammy bcuz she's playing the camera.

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