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Video shows officer being dragged by car onto busy highway

The officer survived; the driver, who was being pulled over for using his cell phone, faces charges including aggravated assault on a police officer, authorities said.




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  1. What a brave officer. Hats off to you, sir! U deserve a 🏅

  2. WOW!!!!! He is SO lucky that the police brought him back to station and arrested him. HMMMMMM wonder if they should have brought him that far….just saying…

  3. Why he wasn't charged with attempted murder?🤔

  4. Why on earth would he put himself through the window. He must have seen him put the car in gear. Is your job more important than your life??🙄🙄

  5. That’s scary fast for anyone to hang onto, I would’ve let go real quick lol

  6. It's this stupid cops fault he jumped onto car instead of letting it speed off!!!

  7. The police need to stop grabbing a car while a driving is pulling off.

  8. This is crazy. He should get ever last charge they lay on him, uncalled for.

  9. That cop was a freaking ninja!!

  10. Once the driver started to put the car in drive and foot on the gas it was then the officer should have backed away from the car

  11. Should be attempted murder bc the suspect intentionally made the officer hit the vehicle and fall off

  12. Glad he's okay! But can we please agree that this is not dragging? He was carried away. Nothing against the officers that this happens to, more against the way the media frames it to make people think they are actually being dragged along the ground

  13. It’s so disappointing to see this. Why make your life more complicated?

  14. They use the word unbelievable a few times in this story, but the only thing unbelievable is that you would jump inside a fleeing vehicle over a cell phone violation. That's just plain ole' stupid. The other "unbelievable" aspect of this video is the fact the second officer is so high on adrenaline that he doesn't bother to stop to help the officer that has just fallen into the roadway so he can continue pursuing the fleeing vehicle. It just shows how fucked up the priorities are of these thugs in uniform.

  15. WTH was the officer thinking??? It's not that serious LMAO!!!

  16. WTH… man where is your brains?!, ok had to get that out. We don't have to say it anymore… don't do that, let that fool go. Get your a$$ in your car and go after him superman can't fly fool. Acting like batman out there.

  17. Police office is racist….oh he’s black

  18. Stupid cop acting like the whole world is looking for an apology to be jailed for years ago and I gave you the bastards is looking for an apology to be jailed for the whole world is a horse's head of the queue and tans bastards

  19. Yup that cop is lucky he ain't dead over a cell phone violation. I mean he should be fired for not following protocol. His dashcam already had the suspects license plate number.
    Very stupid if you ask anyone.

  20. OMG…..SO GLAD HE’S OK…..!!!!!!

  21. That free loading Cop, didn't even offer 2 pay 4 the ride?? When are "Stupid Cops" going 2 learn not 2 hang-on 2 a moving car? He probably thought? If my Superhero Black Panther can do it, why can't I?? They Obviously need better training!!! They lack common sense & knowledge of the laws they Swore 2 Uphold??? FTP!!! Stupidhero almost dies 4 something in significantly petty, Dumb ass Uncle Sam Mudafakaz!!!

  22. He didn't have to climb in that car …they already had the license plate…duh.

  23. OFFICER COON 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕🖕🖕🖕

  24. Suspects black? No surprise there.

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