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Video shows student's close call with out-of-control car | ABC News

A sharp-eyed school bus driver was credited with preventing what could have been a tragedy.

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  1. Dumbest video on web! Completely waist of my time! I have more influence writing this stupid ass comment more than stupid ass video and the bus driver the news for it the little girl also the only real victim is that out of control car! Really fucking stupid!!!!!

  2. YES So close!another 70 of 80 feet closer and Emma would of been crushed!

  3. I know kids getting hit by cars around school busses is a huge problem but like…that car was 10 feet away from the girl 🤔🤔 whut the hell

  4. Tell me something Wtf are children exiting school buses in the middle off the road

  5. Making a huge deal out of things like this is how you traumatize small children, just brush it off it wasnt even close.

  6. The cars acceleration after it swerved and hit the curb tells me the brake issue was forgetting that the brake is on the left and that his foot was already on the accelerator pedal.

  7. To those saying the car wasn't even close,might I say it was an OUT OF CONTROL car,meaning you have no idea where it's going to go so stfu about the car not being close to hitting her

  8. Obviously… the car was invisible

  9. I can't believe people are saying "not even close." The guy ran into the sidewalk on the side when and where people are getting off the bus. You you people NEED to see someone get run over before you think that's bad?

  10. Was she about to bolt 300 feet toward the path of that car!? Cause that’s what she would need to do to get that insurance money lol

  11. How does this have so many likes when the car wasn't close at all

  12. Close call my ass!!! She wasn't anywhere near that car!!!

  13. never in my life have I seen a news reporter without a tie AND chest out!


  15. Damn most people almost get hit on a daily on the side walk if that was a “close call”

  16. It was nowhere near her you could barely see it smh over reaction much? 😂🤦‍♂️

  17. I was annoyed that people call that “CLOSE”, but I see that most people here aren’t that stupid.

    Drama queen network bitch!

  18. That wasn't a close call and if it was then that slow reaction time would have killed her lol

  19. Omg guys my mom almost hit someone with her car today driving out of that driveway. The man she almost hit was in China. It was a close one

  20. The car was so far it was barely on camera lmao you are such clowns


  22. Worst example of a close call

  23. It wasn’t even close to her it was 20 feet away this shouldn’t even be on the news what the fuck

  24. A good 30 feet from the girl which wasn’t a near death event. Still dangerous and a dipshit driver needs to have his license suspended

  25. U ppl don't have a clue about what a close call is

  26. Yeah she got could've gotten hit if the car was 15 yards wide

  27. Fake story. Fake Subscriber count. ABC is desperate for viewers.

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