Video Shows Violent Protests In Guangzhou, Southern China

People in China’s southern manufacturing hub of Guangzhou clashed with white hazmat-suited riot police, videos on social media showed, after weekend protests flared around the country.

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  1. I’m questioning why the cops aren’t helping the protests or do they get special treatment

  2. People in China are risking their lives to fight against the communist government, but lots of people in USA are begging for communism… I just don't get it. Wish them well over there. Stand strong!

  3. Once defeated, Xi keeps regime, it means the surge of the 2 Russia! Youngsters will face the fate of russian young men.

  4. An Open Letter To: Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, JGreenblattADL, YaelEisenstat, rashadrobinson, JGo4Justice, normanlschen, DerrickNAACP, TheBushCenter Ken Hersch, SindyBenavides, SURJ, Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, Lewis Waller, Sisyphus 55 Channel, Duncan Channel, Cody Johnston, The Kavernacle, Aardman Animations, Jane Elliott, The Vanguard, Amy Goodman, Abigail Thorn, Pillar of Garbage Channel, Alexander Haley, Sam Seder, John Iadarola, Rashad Richey, TYT, Farron Cousins, The Serfs Channel's Lance and Dave, Noam Chomsky, Mike Figueredo, Dr. Hakim, Richard D. Wolff, anyone who associates with them or reads this, etc*

    Your stance on morality and how society should be run have continues to fascinate me and helped me to dove deeper into your philosophical whims to find out more upon how the world works.

    There are those who need your voice now.

    Your endorsement and promotion (against those who dare to look and stomp down others due to unfair and unjust laws) are now put to the test.

    This is your time to speak up even more fiercely against the tyranny of Russian, Chinese, and Iranian governments who have taken and destroyed lives which created communities devoid of civil and human rights.

    Otherwise, people will remember those who have not spoken up against this oppression. Your legacy shall be tarnished by accusations of sinful hypocrisy, internet narcissism, and useless virtue signaling of all talk but no action.

    One thing that religious and non religious communities can agree upon is that judgement awaits for those who decide to stand by and let evil to happen and grow.

    -Sincerely respectfully your avid watcher, an anti tyranny/anti dystopia/anti bullying activist follower

  5. My Chinese friends this message is to you from Afghanistan you neighbor,

    If you are reading this

    All the troubles that is happening in your streets these days is part of a big plan designed by the enemies of China and Chinese people ,

    Please be awake and don’t destroy your country’s infrastructure by your hands , your families build them by blood , don’t waste it

    Love from Afghanistan ❤️

  6. Showing violent and repulsive content on YouTube is against YouTube community policy.
    Please report this this to YouTube..

  7. And covid miraculously just disappeared out of nowhere after hitting Nationwide like that… Was this not depopulation or crowd control. and if it was created in the lab is that not a war crime? ain't no one sick or breathing heavy on here .. but they sure are pretty frustrated and seem like they have a lot to say

  8. Power to you my brethrens.

  9. Bless you, brave peaceful protestors. Time to organize, further create a constructive movement. Protestors may make same mistake Hong Kong did, asking for too many things.

    It’s a misconception that in 1989 democracy was the students’ goal; the youth merely asked for some measure of the ‘glasnost’ transparency, accountability of government that Brezhnev started. Which is a giant leap towards freedom of speech. Doesn’t seem a big ask. Protestors can pick up the torch…

  10. I’m so glad NBC is reporting real news instead of pushing they’re sick liberal agenda ! 🇺🇸

  11. If this was America the cops would’ve already open fire on the public. The more they show what goes on in China the more it’s clear the citizens have more freedom to criticize their government than we do.

  12. not enough.. xi jiping the clown must step down…… they will first cancel the quarantine to ease the riot then they will slowly find those who take part and lead the riot and punish the citizens one by one and cover up everything so the world will not know whats behind the wall…. Evil xi gov…..

  13. Praying for you. Human rights! The Chinese people deserve freedom and government accountability.

  14. Democrats wanted this for the U.S. too.. 🙄

  15. That was the messiest phalanx I’ve ever seen lol chuck fina

  16. It's interesting how news outlets such as this one is still dwelling on the protest story, and not focusing on the fact that the Chinese government has responded to public feedback and started easing lockdown restrictions in cities like Guangzhou? Is it because this new development does not fulfill the main narrative, that is to continue to depict China as an oppressive state that doesn't listen to its citizens?

  17. NBC can burn just like China. FU

  18. Sad CCP views its citizens as service animals, why no vote??

  19. The chinese police will put an end to this soon one way or another, thanks to the biden admin "not taking sides"