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Viral Photos Of Police Officers Leading A Handcuffed Man Down The Street By Rope | NBC Nightly News

The widely viewed photos and video posted to Snapchat show two white Galveston, Texas police officers on horseback appearing to lead a black man down the street by a rope attached to handcuffs. Authorities say a police vehicle was not available at the time.
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Viral Photos Of Police Officers Leading A Handcuffed Man Down The Street By Rope | NBC Nightly News


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  1. I don't get the uproar. The police weren't dragging his body down the street by a rope.

  2. The brother said they treated him like a dog. But the family don’t help him since he is homeless. I’m confused

  3. In 2019……things like this is still happen. SOOOO Sad. They should do the same thing to them and see how they feel. Before they fire them.

  4. There wasn't a passenger seat on the horse get real

  5. NY water attack? Epstein. John in  should be taken to a psychiatrist. He threw a brick through a window,  .

  6. When it's my turn I won't show mercy either, right back ain't cheating.

  7. His family had been looking for him he has mental disorder and if they would’ve put him in a car then they would still be praying to know he is okay….

    It’s a smile story!

    All about your perception and nobody likes a negative Nancy you’re bringing the country down

  8. I could see the outrage if the rope was around his neck but cmon the lead rope was connected to the handcuffs, just another opportunity for a ""certain race"" to riot and pick up some new nike shoes and whatever else they can loot instead of working and saving up like the rest of working class Americans … WAKE UP AMERICA and vote to MAGA in 2020

  9. micah x good job on you.

  10. What if it was a white dude , just mad judgment , I don’t think it was a racial thing . Most cops will shoot mentally ill people that are a threat . At least they all went home that night

  11. And one cop said to the other cop. "Bubba, whered you put that rope"?

  12. Think of it this way people. They arrested the suspect, they didn't have a car, so what do they do instead? Lead him by their mode of transportation. If an officer got off and walked with him and the suspect decided to get unruly, the officer would have to let go of his horse who could spook, run away, and/or get hit by a vehicle and cause further injury to other people. I understand why the officers did what they did. I see it as safety for their horses. People get so butt hurt over spilt milk these days.

  13. lets just destroy USA useless troublemaking country

  14. news have arrived in europe….wow america, wow…self reflection about the own history should be a matter of daily life…why do these cops behave like slave masters in the 19th century?

  15. Django Unchained 2
    Texas version

  16. The new trend to excuse away bad behavior by blacks is= mental illness. Every black arrested for any reason gets a pass, because after all, you really can't blame someone who has mental illness. why didn't the family get him help instead of letting him live on the street?

  17. This is no more than being on a work crew for the county or a work farm. It just seems different because you don't see if often. No one was mistreated get a grip.

  18. The policemen play to much RDR2

  19. Nothing new, just one of the thousands of wicked things done by "law enforcement" caught on camera!! Just by reading Yahoo comments, I can see the older generation were molded into who they are due to their racist parents… Kids don't just become racist without the help of their family!! That's whey majority don't see ANYTHING wrong with this… However, if two Afrikan officers did this to a white man, they'd probably send an army to dismantle the town pd.smh I hope 80's children and up change the future for the betterment of humanity!! It's too late for the older generation to change…

  20. More of this should happen no matter what color the criminal is. Thumbs up for those officers!!!!!!!!

  21. Common sense guys lol just get ready to be sued.

  22. Disgusting .. WTG Americans . Fire them??? Charge them !

  23. isn't Galveston that town where not long ago they said 'don't let the sun go down on you ' to black folk. it's a known kkk stronghold from the civil rights era. not surprised when I heard this happened in Galveston tx.

  24. They've been fired…from humanity. Just a coupla dumb white boys with guns and badges doing frat boy mentality shyt. They can't help it. Always trying to look cool by degrading others that they view as inferior. Probably thought since he was homeless and black that this was an easy person to violate and get away with it. They're going to feel stupid for a long time.

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