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Virgin Hyperloop will connect places normally hours apart in minutes: CEO

Virgin Hyperloop CEO Jay Walder on a new form of transportation that is incredibly fast, high-capacity and non-polluting. #FoxBusiness

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  1. They could just do away with all those tedious, expensive, polluting vacuum pumps and simply run big hoses from the Hyperloop tube up to geostationary satellites. Every 50 miles should do it. Limitless eco-friendly vacuum, and the flow of this vacuum down the hoses into the system could power generators, so the whole shebang runs on free power. Give me a difficult one…

  2. Neal how does it feel to be a traitor? Sweet video on transport

  3. Hyperloop is a great concept, just needs to be kept privatized with public oversight. Once transportation systems move into public hands they become yet another bureaucratic nightmare and, eventually, turn into debacles.

  4. Hyperloop will be just as successful as the concord airliner was!!!

  5. A non exiting technology being turned into a business? What a such bad idea! If any of these "companies" ever try raising money thru an IPO, I am shorting!

    How do you keep the loop from imploding from the negative pressure?
    How do bind the cylinders together and keep a tight vacuum thru material aging and expending/contracting with temperature?
    There are so many ways a sudden loss of pressure can occur, killing anyone within the tube.

  6. if the technology isn’t there yet they should at least start building the tubes and tracks.

  7. Absolutely amazing tech hopefully it will be watched heavily for terrorist attacks 👍

  8. since you cant see where your going you might end up in area 51…

  9. Virgin Hyperloop vs. Chad Walking

  10. How about cost of operation & construction

  11. This dude needs to swallow and remove the ball of flem, stuck in his throat.

  12. I'm asking myself what happens when an earthquake occours on a trip.

  13. Don't think for a minute it will have that much legroom. They will pack those like sardines for revenue.

  14. Without polluting the air we breath? I call bs

  15. Phil Scheider wasn't lying.

  16. Debunked technology, no way to keep the level of vacuum needed at such great distances without catastrophic failures that would quickly turn the public off. Elon Musk talked this idea up @2013, and it's been crickets as of late.

  17. The biggest scam in transportation in years

  18. CO2 is NOT pollution first off. Second, this is going to require TRILLIONS of tax dollars in subsidies which the Dems will love to force on the American People. Also how many peoples land are you people going to force to sell? This is stupid. The best form of transport would be an airplane that can do a sub space triangular path with an alternate fuel source that has not been invented yet. We have enough oil to take us to that point.

    How about first we clean up the train systems we have already that are a disaster?

  19. Time to buy stock in acrillic manufacturing!

  20. DEW's starting fires in CA in a perfect line on their hyperloop map. We're onto you satanists

  21. Its a scam. More tax dollars going to physically impossible promises.

  22. Oh boy. I smell another boondoggle coming. I heard all this before whith high speed rail. Will it be cost effective? How much? Is the tech ready?

  23. So how much electricity does this use. CO2 upstream?

  24. Faux News is now a Great big TURD!!! UNSUBSCRIBE!

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