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VLOG : My First Week as a Full Time Blogger | Fashion Mumblr

An exciting week! My first week as a full time blogger – lots of events, meetings and a top secret photo shoot! Part one of two.

Watch Part 2 Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xu-6JT0wwTI

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Joules Striped Top : http://bit.ly/1hrwu32
Boohoo Skinny Jeans : http://bit.ly/1KyxcHk
Office x Vans Shoes : http://bit.ly/1EsVxNK


Whistles Grey T Shirt : http://bit.ly/1JAtCau
New Look White Jeans : http://bit.ly/1AeGkZ1
Ted & Muffy Grey Suede Boots : http://bit.ly/1Unk6NU
Rebecca Minkoff Bag : http://bit.ly/1HfEzDA
Swarovski Jewellery : http://bit.ly/1bMVwPR


Topshop Faux Fur Gilet : http://bit.ly/1VrKitf
River Island Brown High Neck Top
Miss Selfridge Black Suede Skirt : http://bit.ly/1Kyz5nt
Oasis Boots : http://bit.ly/1NILbwg


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  1. Decided to watch some of your old video and it’s hilarious macaroni cheese was in vlogs back then too 😊😊

  2. Josie, you may not see this comment because its an old video but I'm a new subscriber (2018) and just happened upon a 2015 vlog of yours, wow, your channel has come so far from these days. 😊 Congrats and keep up the good work!

  3. may i know what camera you use for your vlogging, and what do you use to edit your vlogposts. Thank you.

  4. Love watching your videos ! your so pretty xx

  5. Just discovered you, and I love near gloucester xD

  6. Your videos are the best!!! xx

  7. Such a great vlog Josie, very exciting to see you being so successful. Love, G xxx

  8. Your vlog was the best, real you and you let us know all the effort is done to show us edited vlog and all the plan needs to be done for vlogging 🙂 👍🏼👏🏼

  9. Lovely vlog gorgeous girl xoxo

  10. Love you video
    The best thing to get the temp tattoos off is using olive oil on a flannel and rub in circular motions

  11. Loved the vlog! I have never seen you as casual as in day one but you look lovely 🙂 Can't wait for the next one xxx

  12. Those knee high boots sound (and look) amazing! Just bought a similar pair that were a little too "baggy" so definitely going to look into that. Lovely vlog and best of luck full time! Xx

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