Thursday , August 11 2022

VP Harris slammed for rambling Roe remarks: ‘Clearly she’s a biologist’

The Washington Examiner’s Tiana Lowe analyzes the backlash Kamala Harris faces after her ‘woman’ word salad. #FOXBusiness

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  1. And together . She's a woman.
    Today she's a woman herself.
    AND THE DAUGHTER of a Woman, and a grand daughter of a woman.
    And…. is she the mother, who may be a woman… which is Actually herself, as… perhaps a woman.

  2. Omg what's wrong with her is she just dumb or is she ignorant wth

  3. Woe, wait a minute, Kamala Harris knows what a woman is, and that she is one. That's good to know, lets see how long she retains that knowledge! Until she remembers she is not a biologist perhaps?

  4. I'm 70 years old and back in a day my family is to tell me if you do not want kids Close your legs

  5. Who are the women of America because they can't define one

  6. Waite she just learned the United States constitution????

  7. 2here does the constitution say abortion is a right?

  8. She aging right before our eyes…and we can't blame overwork for it.

  9. Ar15 500$. Abortion $$$$. State paid or insurance. One is a product the other is medically induced life taking

    Mental health appointments a month out or ER. Mental hospital at 5k a night. The bizarre thing is most psych doctors are liberals

  10. She doesn't have to be biologist to know that she has a vajayjay and her mother has a vajayjay which makes her a woman Let's keep it real. The smug stuff is a turn off.

  11. Is good to know that Karmala is a woman. I thought she is a goat.

  12. Hillary yes it should be harder to get an abortion as that is guaranteed to take an innocent life where a firearm is much more likely to save one.

  13. one of the best women on the planet …catch how her intelligence and naturel BRAIN…just flowed….WOW….spoke truth simple words but BRING A RESPONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Did the Washington Examiner accept Hutch's Testimony as GOSPEL???

  15. That face is from the living undead.

  16. Have faith,Obama had the stupidest Vice President in the history of our country and we survived that.This one is just going for the record…

  17. It is not in the constitution which means it is for the states to decide.

  18. Hello!?It was a idea gone horribly wrong and somehow let go on far too long!! Not constitutional!

  19. How convenient she can know what a women's function is , without a degree !!

  20. Funny now after Roe v. Wade got kicked out women all the sudden know what a woman is wow

  21. KAMALA can think .She's the queen of word salads.

  22. Hahaha she was supposed to be a district attorney also a district attorney of the porta potty

  23. You want to abort at the last minute you murderer. And you make us pay for it. Arrogant, Cruel, disgusting, and explicitly Satanic.

  24. You don’t need to be a Biologist to affirm that only women car recreate life.



    But is this woman dim….

    It is quite remarkable when the Vice-President of The United States demonstrates to us that she understands little or nothing of the original decision in the Roe case back in the 1970's…………or of Casey…………. or of The Constitution itself and the concepts and principles of The States in The Republic…..

    But hey…..there you go…!

    James Hennighan
    Yorkshire, England

  26. You advocate your teenagers to have abortions Kamala?


  28. She’s the daughter and granddaughter of a WOMAN????

  29. Seems they can’t find it in the constitution wonder why Never was their

  30. I study the constitution daily you can trust me when I say Abortion is not a constitutional right. But democrats also believe we live in a democracy we don't we live in a constitutional republic which happens to be the exact opposite.

  31. I thought democrats and liberals didn't know what a woman was.

  32. Roe v Wade is not a law! For it to be a law it needs to go through the legislative branch ( congress ) not the judicial .

  33. I wonder how stupid her kids are ? They sure don't wanna show their faces in public!

  34. When Harris said she's a woman and daughter of a woman, etc. the interviewer should've asked her, "What is a woman?" We might finally get an answer from a Leftist.

  35. …The Democrats Are A Bunch Of Liars…

  36. …Soon Our World Will Change. These Evil Empire's Built On Lies Will Fail And The People Will Be Victorious…

  37. Not in the constitution.

  38. You know how you restate the question at the beginning of your answer to stall for time?

  39. How does she know her mother is a woman? How dare she assume her mother's gender?! The audacity!

  40. She still doesn't have a clue what she's talking about. She's clueless that's her new name.

  41. oh now they/SHE knows "WHAT or WHO IS A WOMAN IS?"

  42. Wow! Not a good wow, but a wow!