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Wade, Archer battle 'proper Test match cricket': Ponting

Former Test skipper Ricky Ponting said the duel between Matthew Wade and Jofra Archer at The Oval gave him goosebumps, while he praised the Tasmanian for his gritty fourth-day century


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  1. Ponting always played short stuff with elan. He often carried a bad temperament but boy, wasn't he a great puller n cutter?

  2. He is typical vintage windies bowler nd test cricket needs such bowlers.

  3. Nice for test cricket 🏏 🏏

  4. Ponting looks like George W Bush.

  5. Jofra archer vs Matthew wade jofra is💪 pawerfull hit like👍

  6. Archer is no doubt a star! Cricket’s lucky to have him!

  7. Ponting handled Shoaibs bouncers really well overall given how quick he was

  8. Ponting beat but smith big best bat

  9. Archer is determined to do very well but the ECB will fail him, once Anderson is back in the Line Up.

  10. It was a fluke knock.
    Don't expect him to win even a single match for the team.
    Still Handscomb would be better option than Wade on any day

  11. Matthew Wade had a good ashes but he looks a player who is bit inconsistent

  12. who is agree archer have full attitude hit like

  13. That big mouthed Jofra Archer is lucky to have not played up against the likes of Brett Lee or we might see a flashback of what happened to Alex Tudor😂

  14. I don’t like this black boy because he don’t respect a ther persen

  15. I midd Ricky's batting, what a cricketer he was! Now he is an entertaining commentator, love listening to his thoughts on the game and different players, unmissable smile, same in his playing days whether win or lose.

  16. Wade has been a mouthy little git all series why can’t he just play the game, must be small man syndrome.

  17. Archer saala bohot bekaar insaan hai apne aap ko bohot bada cricketer samajhta hai jabki ghanta lauda hai. Bosdiwale ko starc ka bouncer galega Maa chud jayegi. #Archer ki Maa ko bhosda.

  18. Archer has really something to show with his bowl ❤

  19. The main thing was to retain the ashes and australians have done it.

    Batting in English condition is really difficult as other teams are just gifting matches in England and to draw series and retain the Ashes is Perfect Result for the the Aussies…..

  20. Not a bad year eh winning the World Cup and drawing the ashes series. One last comment, still haven’t won a series in England in eighteen years and we absolutely twanked you in the semifinals of the World Cup. I will be back next ashes series goodbye Australia cricket channel

  21. Still aussie are weak in batting except smith

  22. Johnson vs pietersen, riaz vs watson need more like these

  23. Gee Archer has a punchable face

  24. I am subscribing to all those who subscibe to my channel.

    Thanks!! #Letshelp each other.

  25. Archer is mannerless always. Plain and simple.

  26. Archer is one of the most disgraceful player

  27. Point ing u r puppet against ishant shrama. Because dont over act OK 😎

  28. Please upload a video of their sledges, or a montage of sledges of this ashes series!

  29. That over in 2005 against Freddie Flintoff he didn't want to mention.

  30. Wade gets picked for the next two years with no runs because of the courage he showed in that test match. It was cricket at its absolute best. No soy boys. No PC. No liberalism. Just flat out testosterone. It was delightful.

  31. As far as I know, Ponting is the best captain the cricket world have ever seen.. such a tactician!

  32. I knew before australia will lose the game becoz already they retain ashes.

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