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WALK-IN WARDROBE TOUR // What's In My Closet // Fashion Mumblr

What’s In My Wardrobe! A tour of my walk – in closet and my Winter / Spring clothes – how I store & organise them!
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Pink Jumper -
Heart Necklace –
Leggings –

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Club Monaco knit:
Club Monaco feather gillet:
Reiss pink vest:
Ted Baker top:
Ted Baker boots:
Topshop boots:
Karen Millen boots:
Chloé boots:
Nicholas Kirkwood mules:
Gucci mules:
Valentino Rockstud:
Reiss mules:
LK Bennett bag:
Kate Spade bag:
Ted Baker pink shoes:
Ted Baker bow bag:
Kate Spade coat:
Saint Laurent Sunset bag:
Reiss coat:
Kate Spade tote:
Ted Baker dress:
Karen Millen dress:
Reiss midi skirt:
Ted Baker midi skirt:
& Other Stories skirt:
Reiss suede skirt:
River Island suede jacket:
Chloe Nile bag:
Gianvitto Rossi pumps:


We decided to go for the Sherbourne range in a Stone Grey finish with Lattice handles combined with mirrored doors.

The buttoned seat pad in Pastiche Slub Chalk fabric and the interiors were a mixture of shelving, long hanging, double hanging and single hanging.

We would not recommend Sharps enough, they were truly fabulous from start to finish and the whole process in total took around 3 weeks with the building of the walk in wardrobe only taking 3 days!

If you are thinking about doing the same thing and love what we chose you can find more info at –



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Building Our Dream Walk In Wardrobe with Sharps –


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  1. I think u should shift drawer material inside wardrove down shelfs n shoes in outside drawers

  2. Não sei como vim parar aqui. Mais amei o seu closet. Temos um gosto muito parecido! Que linda as suas roupas, bolsas. Adorei!

  3. Não sei como vim parar aqui. Mais amei o seu closet. Temos um gosto muito parecido! Que linda as suas roupas, bolsas. Adorei!

  4. Nice closet love from India…..plz do visit u will love it madam

  5. Its fab….so beautifull stuff u have,all collections r really cool n beautiful like ur stunning eyes…keep its up…love from india😊

  6. Love love love I need a pair of that show you had in the box the heels.

  7. 14:48 huge wants!will be perfect for my A4's and wutevs😍the Kate Spade gray coat😍is so kawaii!16:54 pink skirt 😁i haz,too

  8. i'm OCD about shoes i've worn outside getting in the closet.any tips on cleaning,disinfecting shoes before storing them when off season?we have shoe closets located at the home entrance door because our culture prohibits wearing outside shoes inside the home we have to take our shoes off at the entrance hall and change into house slippers.i have too many shoes and there's no more space for a new shoes closet at the entrance hall idk what to do with my shoes.afraid of what i’ve stepped on outside getting inside my room’s closet,i once sprayed alcohol 99.99% on a few pairs and they discoloured i cried

  9. Love your channel. Can you please tell me the name of the song in your intro? Thanks!

  10. Your clothes are beautiful 🥰

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  12. Sou estudante e você tem muita coisa. Por favor me doa algumas coisas…

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  14. Really enjoy your videos. Your polished presentation style is as smooth as a network TV channel. Although your fashion choices are on trend, they convey a timeless elegance that suits your lady like personality. Your understated monochromatic color palette enables nearly unlimited combinations to best utilize your pieces which all flatter your skin tone & hair color. Mixing high street with luxury items shows you avoid impulse purchases & is a wise economical strategy. Thank you for sharing your insightful ideas, explaining the process of how you create & manage your beautiful evolving wardrobe.

  15. The very fact that some items she has became worn means she enjoyed using these pricy items and that it was not for display😊

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  17. Very beautiful and very feminine. Doesn't your husband mind?

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