Monday , November 23 2020
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Wall Street drops as tensions climb ahead of trade talks

ClearBridge Investments Investment Strategist Jeff Schulze gives his advice on the best sectors to invest in: utilities and consumer staples.

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  1. Tension's😨😰😱 about trade talks. China tensions 😨😰😱 and why tension when you know that you China and it's allies will be legally sued for 39yrs of stealing and preferrential trade/commence agreement's more involved since 1998 with chor India.

  2. Better to buy some gold and silver. GLD or for higher risk and bigger gains; USLV

  3. Three years of Trump Trade & Diplomacy FAILURE.

  4. Sell all your stocks cheap. I'll buy them. 🤣. This is how the media conspires to create panic. The Deep state will Steal your portfolio yet again.

  5. They shuffle their money to try and make Trump look bad but have to be careful of Big Don, they could lose it all.

  6. Keep hearing about a global recession, but have no idea when it becomes official.

  7. Panic!! 😱😱😱😱😱

  8. DJIA down 318 points!! Buy gold!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  9. The Chinese never intended to make a deal, and now they are publicly admitting it. The trade deal with China will not happen before the 2020 presidential election, and the reason why this is the case is actually very simple.  The Chinese have concluded that President Trump will never give them the kind of deal that they are looking for, and so their entire goal has been to run out the clock on the Trump administration so that they can finally get to a Democrat that will be much more “reasonable” to deal with.  Of course if Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders wins the election, they won’t be very “reasonable” either, and so the best case scenario for the Chinese is for Joe Biden to emerge victorious in November 2020. 
    In any event, the Chinese are now being very clear about the fact that they are never, ever going to agree to Trump’s core demands. In essence, the Chinese have completely taken a comprehensive trade deal off the table, and they probably believe that Trump’s looming impeachment may make him more agreeable to a more limited deal that would be more favorable to the Chinese. It appears checkmate (XI Jinping).

  10. Trump Recession, here it comes.

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