Thursday , November 26 2020
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Wall Street worried after steepest slide in nearly 6 weeks

The world’s largest risk tools marketplace, CME, are seeing its stock rise as markets stay low. CME Group chairman and CEO Terry Duffy joined FOX Business for an exclusive interview to discuss.

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  1. NFL begins and follows NHL.
    One play's foot and the other play's stick's. Foot kicks ball and stick strikes puck.

  2. Gold contract's 497k.
    Silver contract's 17k.
    The Chick-fil-A starts with gold quality and then silver quality of metal's. More gold contract's and no disappoint so has silver style product also.

  3. Best economy in the history of the universe is what I keep hearing 😂 😂 😂

  4. Profit taking. If it goes down below 10% then worry…

  5. Time to buy on the dip.

  6. America is ashamed of this president

  7. Somethings really wrong as all week long every night at 12:01 AM the feds pump $75 billion into the banking system. It’s the little things that make you wonder. Better get yourself a crypto portfolio. We’re about ready to get a monetary system that appreciates instead of depreciates.

  8. Nothing in history has outperformed Bitcoin. Metals are out We going to have ten billion people soon and digital currency is the only answer many top experts say if you own a bitcoin you will be on the top 2% of wealthy when the five currencies switch over. It’s not going to switch to gold or silver it did not work 150 years ago . There’s 6 satellites that are set to give free WiFi to cell phones with an AI assistant when it switches over when the music shuts off you should own .24 of a bitcoin. 10 lite coin and 10 ether XRP you should have $500 in that coin that would be a Porfolio that puts you ahead. Because when the “Tweet” comes you won’t be able to log on to buy never mind open an account. You will he in the second class of citizens ( still better off ) in the long run as crypto when 100% are on board there won’t be any poverty. You will retire after a decade of working the numbers are crunched. Make no mistake the IMF went out in 2011 we all been printing illegally since. In 2013 we should have been told to start switching over but that’s fine banking will be a private affair like it should be. If your worried about volatility your not seeing the big picture It’s not switched over yet. Banks are working behind the scenery adopting it and even circle K is installing Bitcoin ATMs. Germany is buying Starbucks with it. America is always ten years behind Look at HD tv how long it took We we’re watching blurry TVs. Everyone has a smart phone even caravans of invaders It’s the natural progression there’s no back up system. If you think gold is king you almost got the big picture in nov 2017 when bitcoins went to 12.500 We were a week away from gold holders standing in soup lines pawing it to get crypto. Next time there won’t be a next time. You won’t even get spot for gold as they won’t be able to turn it in fast enough as markets plummet . Look at what’s happening in Africa you can’t buy a loaf of bread with a wheel barrow of cash piles. Nothing can stop it Fiat currencies all go south after a hundred years. Ours did in 2013 . Look at the dollar chart depreciating 3% every year since 1913 there’s not another 3% to depreciate that’s why you’re paying $12 for a cheeseburger meal instead of a dollarfor decades back get the same chart with a bitcoin and look at how it appreciates overtime it’s gone up 76,000%. That’s what your savings should do that’s how you retire comfortably after a decade of working. Tootalooo

  9. Maybe it's the market reacting to a major political party attempting to oust the president by any means necessary.

  10. Just buy gold and silver,  ….about 10 -20% of your portfolio.

  11. OMG!!! We better have 37 more useless congressional hearings to get to the bottom of this. Impeachment!!! ~ Sincerely Jerry “walks like a dumb duck” Nadler.

  12. Trump will make America his 7th bankruptcy!


  14. Bernie is down and Wall Street hates Warren. It’s going to fluctuate.

  15. Are we tanking the economy to get rid of Trump since this Ukraine BS isn’t sticking, at all. Wall Street tanks- No Bailing out the freakin banks this time!

  16. Oh Stop. Scare mongering is going to ruin our economy.

  17. Wall street always manipulates the stock market they always try to surge it up then make it go down that way investors lose money and brokers gain money when their clients lose.

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