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Warner opens up on technical and mental challenges in Ashes

David Warner believes Jofra Archer’s spell on day one was Dale Steyn-like as the Australia opener found form after a disappointing start to the Ashes series


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  1. Warner and Paine should be dropped

  2. Aussies deserve to win the ashes already. I like what they have done in terms of planning for the ashes in England. They've got the team right. Captain right too. Il explain why I think Langer and Australia are going to win the ashes 3-0 ( as much as it hurts.)

    Tim paine although not as talented as smith Warner and maybe other Aussie batsman he's massively took the pressure of them players involved in ball tampering. It's allowed smith to concentrate on his batting and wow as it worked.

    In most sports watch what happens to a player once he his made captain. Normally there performances drop. T Paine coming in as captain as allowed smith to relax and concentrate on his batting after that ball tampering disaster.

    We did the same thing in 1981 ashes took Captaincy of Botham and give it to brearly. The fucker couldn't bat to save his life, however he was a psychologist and allowed Botham Gower boycott and Bob Willis to get the best out of themselves.
    A master stroke by Justin Langer to not give Warner or smith the Captaincy back also I think tim Paine as been a good captain and justin Langer so far a decent coach.. Australia bowled us out for 67, because there miles better at fielding than us. 4 top bowlers aswell. Sometimes we gotta respect your rivals.. as much as it kills me I would have loved to sent you Aussies back on your plane after getting spanked. Looks like it's gonna be your year.

  3. Whats the difference between Ashes Cricket And Usual Test Cricket?

  4. How about resting Khawaja with Marnus batting in his place in the next test?

  5. Wrost captain ever – Tim paine

  6. Biggest burden on Austrian team is Tim paine

  7. That still is not the standard of a David Warners innings

  8. When did warner turn into a ranga (australian slang)

  9. This man is magic; a complete athlete; complete sportsman. He can do better; he will for sure. Love watching him in the field. Come on warner, make some tons😍

  10. Best possible Aus Line up-
    David Warner
    Bancroft/Harris( doesn't matter who plays😂)
    Mathew Wade(Wk)
    Michael Naser
    Mitchell Starc
    Pat cumminns
    Nathan Lyon
    Josh Hazelwood/Pattinson
    Tim paine is disrupting the balance of the team! He and wade both can't play..and he and Travis head are sitting ducks with the bat

  11. If you feel useless , look at Tim Paine in Australia's line up😂
    Man why is he in the team!?

  12. Jofra Archer is like Dale steyn with Morne morkel's Height🤨

  13. shaved ur beared…looks like the old Davy

  14. Tim pine is a waste as a cricketer.😂😂😂😂

  15. How many of you feel that Tim paine should be replaced with Alex Carrey!

  16. welcome back dave. keep re-defining yourself. you are a competitive beast and very admirable.

  17. David Warner opens up on what it takes to be a cheating bastard.

  18. Wades dismissal was so unlucky.He would be so frustrated with himself!!

  19. Why is Aaron Finch not in the test? I believe he can counter the pace from the English at the top of the innings better than anyone with his experience.

  20. 0.33 our Dale Steyn? 🤔
    big fan of Warner 😍
    and dales a Legend ❤

  21. Tim paine don't deserve to remain in aussie team

  22. Totally thought a different deeper voice… woah…

  23. I couldn't believe it that Smith will make this big difference… I smell england winning comfortably…

  24. The one guy I really wanted to have a better innings coming into this test

  25. First comment please like!!!

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