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WARNING: What to know about Area 51 before the raid | Just The FAQs

Popular conspiracy theories have inspired many to “storm Area 51.” But what is Area 51? And what makes it the alien hotspot of conspiracy theories?

If you’ve ever wondered whether we’re alone in the galaxy, you’re no space oddity.

More than 379,000 people have signed on to a Facebook event pledging to raid Area 51 in southern Nevada in an effort to “see them aliens.” An additional 396,000 respondents marked themselves as “interested” on the event page as of Thursday night.

“If we [N]aruto run, we can move faster than their bullets,” the event description says, making a humorous reference to a Japanese manga character known for running with his arms stretched out backward and his head forward.

The page invites respondents to convene Sept. 20 at the Area 51 Alien Center, a combination diner, convenience store and brothel in Amargosa Valley, Nevada, about 90 miles from Las Vegas.

Though the event is months away, social media users have already begun to speculate about what might be inside the highly classified Air Force facility in the Nevada desert.

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  1. "This is the fight of our lives"
    "No mistakes No Do Overs"
    "You get hit Hit them back"
    "You get killed Walk it off"
    "Whatever it takes"

  2. How to solve homeless?
    = Ask them for joining Area 51 Raid in this September 20th.

  3. I literally don’t give two fucks about going there, just to be honest, I’m wanting to keep my life.

  4. Area 51 is just a military base.. Plus These are unconfirmed sightings. Nothing to worry about, I hope.

  5. I'm not going that just that it's couple days after my birthday I'm dumb I pray no body dies

  6. shut up I'm still storming

  7. Dose that mean that the government are going to transfer the aliens to a another place??

  8. I bet their is just aliens dancing to 80s music their…

  9. Gonna try to go to S4 and S2 is gonna whoop their ass, were talking about people who dont even know what an ECP is. lol this will be hilarious. Its like an audit by now.

  10. If anybody’s going, it’s gonna be valkytrek

  11. Come out and party in Vegas anyway!

  12. This going to be the new Bonaroo. Only people will die.

  13. It’s not at Area 51 it’s at S4 Which is 10-15 miles south of Area 51 at papoose mountain.

  14. Y’all are wasting your time you gotta go to area 42 if you want aliens

  15. So, when we Do raid Area 51, should we eat first, or should we go buy food, and see what our new alien friend enjoy?

  16. This is the dumbest, most useless, video I've ever watched.. why was this in my news feed..
    There is literally no new knowledge and it's a minute long..

  17. Click bait, we knew all of these things.

  18. there is a probably a jetpack that an old hippie guy wants it, and a black dude is stuck there trying to take it.

  19. If they raid area 51, I hope the military kills every single one of them.

  20. it is just Amazing that the US Govt WILL Shoot their own Citizens who jump Area 51's Fence but the US Govt won't shoot illegal ALIENS Jumping or Border Fence! WHY NOT? ISRAEL DOES….Which means the US Govt considers All it's Citizens to be Disposable Palestinians. And that 2% Runs it ALL.

  21. Waht if we get in and the aliens are bad and takeover the world so this Raid could go bad

  22. raid area 51 you wont find dead aliens but you will find lots of dead idiot.

  23. Why don’t 1,000,000 people show up with drones right outside of the gates and fly their drones into the base?

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