Home / News / Watch: Biden Announces Withdrawal of U.S. Troops From Afghanistan by Sept. 11 | NBC News

Watch: Biden Announces Withdrawal of U.S. Troops From Afghanistan by Sept. 11 | NBC News

Watch live coverage as President Biden delivers remarks on the way forward in Afghanistan and is expected to announce plans for a withdrawal of American troops.

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Live: Biden Delivers Remarks on Afghanistan | NBC News


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  1. Somebody actually sees the war as useless😊. Finally its about time.

  2. Can someone please explain to him what he just said? Smile Kamala 😁


  4. Basically nonstop weeding out extreme ideological groups halfway around the world in a country sliced up by mountains.

    We got Bid Laden, improved AF, …up to them now.

    Time to pivot strategic focus from ME to Asia.

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  6. biden is wearing some type of hairpiece as it sits a lot different than in his senate days .he got that WEAVE or just Elmer's glue slapped up on that skull

  7. he just giving the taliban the desire to start moving their operations in anticipation of this so that the cia can then monitor their whereabouts, then they will escalate another invasion and billions more to their military's supporters who own our politicians. all a set up

  8. Hmm…. We extend dateline after datelines. Actually, the agreement will void on May 1st with a US breach of the agreement. Taliban do not need to abide to the agreed promises thereafter. ….. Stupid, it's Biden ploy to not leave Afghanistan at all.

  9. I hope everything will be better soon. And I do believe on you Mr. president Biden.

  10. You have picked the wrong response.He doesn't like them

  11. He's after Afghan women he is

  12. Is he reading from some sort of screen? That is not good for a president

  13. from Afghanistan to Ukraine, there the grass is still growing 😀

  14. Too bad that biden has made it last 4 months longer. Trumps peace deal had them coming home in may but joe wants to wait. Thank you Trump for starting and finishing the peace deal with Iraq and Afghanistan too many morons don’t know you did it.

  15. At least no one screamed out questions this time.

  16. Is Biden suffering from bipolar disorder?

    Is he signing hostile sanctions and talking about rapprochement with the Russian Federation? Seriously?

    ( repeat!!! )

  17. Why is he breaking the deal to leave in 16 days? I’m guessing to ramp up troops in Afghanistan.

  18. If after twenty years Afganistan can't get it together what are we supposed to do? Invade and repopulate it as the 51st state? That's Putin's tactics.

    If the Taliban takes it over and wants another war, we'll have targets to attack instead of chasing them around the countryside.

  19. How can he have one position his whole political career and the minute he wins election change everything he's ever believed without any explanation. Very sad for people who counted on him to be hope and change.

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