Monday , January 18 2021
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Watch: High School Football Player Tackles Referee | NBC News

A football player from Edinburg High School in Texas has been charged with assault after tackling a referee during a game. Emmanuel Duron, a senior defensive tackle, had been escorted from the game for a late hit and unsportsmanlike behavior. He then ran from the sidelines and slammed into the referee.
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Watch: High School Football Player Tackles Referee | NBC News


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  1. I've always wanted to do that

  2. Uh oh, another knee taking snowflake publicly displaying his meltdown. Glad that little puke got charged.

  3. Does he do this to his parents?

  4. Jail time, thousands in fines, probation, anger management classes, and a felony on his criminal record. All for a ten second tantrum. Hopefully it will be an example for players in the future.

  5. For the last several months we have watched as the media encouraged protests , violence and looting . Create a culture of rage and attacking people you disagree with and young people will act on it.

  6. This is Texas. The ref is lucky the kid didn't grab a weapon from the gun case they keep on the sidelines and shoot him.

  7. They should have had to forfeit the game for that one temper lost, maybe others would learn from it also.

  8. Well let's see the original hit that got him ejected. Can't make a decision without seeing all the facts first

  9. I get that football gives you adreniline rush but you can chill tf out lmaooo

  10. Yea number 88 will spend some time in jail. If not for this, for something ells.

  11. Someone needs to give Emmanuel Duron a code red. What a stupid person.

  12. Males are so emotional. So unnecessary

  13. Maybe there’s more to it than we know, referee could be making bad calls because he hates him, probably been at more than one game. He played last year and was the ref around last year. So maybe the ref instigated it?

  14. What’s going to happen the next time he gets mad, shows personality. Banned from all sports! Why would you want someone like that making more money than you? He certainly don’t deserve it!

  15. Assault?? That was a GOOD hit on that bone head ref

  16. I hope the court sees the difference in real world violence versus football violence. That’s just a 15yd personal foul if it’s against another player. And if the player goes to the cops after the game about it , what do you think they would do. No more sports, and a deferred juvenile conviction with comm service and classes seems appropriate

  17. Lets all take a knee for this player.

  18. My favorite sports analyst Luis J. Gomez commented on this incident and said "You shouldn't assault people, but that kinda raw emotion you cant teach to a kid. That kid really cares about football

  19. I live in the RGV where this guy is from. There's more student athletes, parents and coaches that need to learn from this event. Sorry to burst your bubble, Emmanuel Duron, but real athletes aren't like you.

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