Saturday , August 8 2020
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Watch Highlights From 2020 Candidates And Lawmakers At The Texas Tribune Festival | NBC News

2020 candidates and lawmakers spoke at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, Texas. Beto O’Rourke, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Min., Julián Castro and others weighed in on a wide range topics throughout the day.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Watch Highlights From 2020 Candidates And Lawmakers At The Texas Tribune Festival | NBC News


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  1. I get the sense from Beto that hes in it for the right reasons which would sink him in old school Regan Bush era, but with the way Trump is acting the things hes acused of, even if just one of those things are true it makes it reasonable to think that Betos style will see him and maybe Cory Booker when these guys wouldnt have gotten far and didnt get thar far in previous elections.

  2. No Amy, you don't get mob rule. You don't like electoral college, go to some socialist country. Bye felicia.

  3. Don't waste your time. Nothing about Yang there.

  4. Investigate false flag shootings like the Sandy Hook Hoax , see fbi crime statistics reporting NO homicides in Newtown Conn. in 2012 , Boston Bombing Hoax , wheel chair evacuation of a man with blown off legs , no blood trail and prosthetic fake leg bone falls off and window blew outward not inward . 9/11 . University of Alaska engineering report finds no fire or plane destroyed building # 7 steel and concrete bldg . was destroyed by explosives demolition at free fall speed as the other twin towers were destroyed at free fall spee symmetrically onto their own foot print . Lawyers committee for 911 Inquiry is suing the FBI for their failure to report this to congress . So the architects and engineers gave each congress person a copy of the report " ROBERTO " here is lying by omission here and is a gun grabber . See Ciudad Juarez , Mexico for gun outlawed nations , or Chicago for gun violence when guns are outlawed . Opium kills 130 people every day and this is the real issue . Roberto is a foreign agent to weaken your self defense abilities . He is a socialist communist shill .

  5. Beto , we already have universal background checks! Why are democrats so ignorant!

  6. Wow – I thought the Bozo Show ended years ago. Thanks for bringing it back NBC!

  7. T R U M P – 2 0 2 0 – L A N D S L I D E



  9. These men are possessed by fallen angels that are Narcissists.

    These are the facts and the truth.

  10. The fakes are beginning to bore me. Is there anybody out there who can challenge me?

  11. Lets recap:
    1) Blacks work hard… have no money… live in sh1t holes
    2) Hunter does no work… has 3 million….lives in a Mansion
    Conclusion? Blacks are lazy and ignorant.

  12. This is more a coment on NBC itself rather than this video. NBC is pure opinion and not news. If one watches it for entertainment that's fine, but don't think for a second that you are getting honest news.

  13. Highlights of a clown show. A bunch of complete anti American loser's. NBC is fake news

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