Friday , November 27 2020
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Watch live: Collapsed Hard Rock Hotel is demolished in New Orleans

Watch live coverage of the demolition of a Hard Rock Hotel that partially collapsed in New Orleans, La.
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Watch live: Collapsed Hard Rock Hotel is demolished in New Orleans


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  1. a crime has been committed, truly, Kailas & Citadel the contractor should be removed from this construction site and jailed, there greed has caused irreparable damage to this community

  2. Oh wow I've never seen a hotel still standing after its been demolished. Good one.

  3. This is the very definition of fake news.

  4. NBC News: you need to pay attention!

  5. Are they going to rebuild the building?

  6. Don’t be surprised when they blow up the cranes that the whole building comes down- That way they can get rid of the evidence (shoddy engineering) and then blame the cranes by saying “ We didn’t know how the cranes would come down “. Of course more explosives would have to be planted to bring the whole thing down.

  7. click is crap!

  8. partically? Do leftist news organizations have editors anymore?

  9. Building 7 demolition was a better video. Ask Silverstein.

  10. Who's the mouth breather in background?

  11. How can they demolish so quick. Doesn't there have to be an investigation of why it failed, Curious.

    Who were the INSPECTORS!?!?!

  13. I guess I don't need to say much since every other comment is on-point. Twitter says 'Crane demolition is scheduled for Sunday'

  14. What's going on.. And a new building.. Hmmmm

  15. WTF!
    As a Construction Worker of 35 years ….( Yes I'm 55 years old and have been working in Commercial Construction since thea age of 18)
    I WANT TO KNOW WHY!!!!!!

  16. So nobody noticed that the building was still standing after the video was finished?
    They could have changed the title.

  17. The level of incompetent journalism here is staggering. Basically what I have come to expect of NBC in recent years though. Sad sorry demise of a once great network.

    Hey NBC! Take note of this: Maybe if you start letting your reporters report real news instead of relentlessly parroting propaganda you'll actually have someone on your staff that can report on a real story when it comes along!!!

  18. The City of New Oroleans! 🙂 Does all our leadership in America has some kind of disability or speech impediment? I understand, its nerves. The cameras, eager public wants answers! Really puts leaders on the spot but they've got to stop stuff like this from happening. I mean its the year 2019 or 12019 right? Cheaper, faster, harder is not a way to build things guys.

  19. What exactly is
    "partically collapsing"
    Like on an Atomic level?

  20. It is remarkable how the building was destroyed by the crane. Both huppy and I were yelling "OMG!!!"
    But this was a Click Bait!!! Time of my life I can not get back.🙄🙄🙄

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