Friday , November 27 2020
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Watch Live: Representative Adam Schiff Responds To Release Of Notes On Ukraine Call | NBC News

Watch live coverage as House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., speaks after the White House released notes of a phone call between the president and Ukraine after a whistleblower complaint.
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Watch Live: Representative Adam Schiff Responds To Release Of Notes On Ukraine Call | NBC News


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  1. Lol. The transcript exposes you for lying about what was in the call log when you read a fake in Congress.

  2. Making up dirt"? Sound like what Hillary did with the Steele Dossier… Stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    This shifty schiff should be impeached for misleading American Public! I'm getting bumper stickers made up "I'm only Democrat when I lie"
    Schiffty Adam : "I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent understand?" "Lots of it". I hope Americans wake up and vote every dem out of office in 2020 , that would be great for America..

    Schiff said, "I want you to make up dirt on my opponent." He doesn't have to "make up" dirt on Biden — Joe is on record and on video saying he did it — "fire the prosecutor (with six hours) or you don't get the billion-dollar loan guarantee. Compulsive LIAR shifty-schiff , should be charged with SLANDER.

    Schiff is a treasonous rat. He is literally a large lying bast**d and will do anything to protect the corruption that runs in "their" crowd.
    Hold Schiff accountable for everything that comes out of his mouth. He is a traitor to the US! Adam Schiff is part of the swamp, and I’m only gonna say this seven times, drain the swamp. Schiff is a national disgrace. Period.

    Schiff should’ve been arrested for perjury on the spot!

    What a disgrace he is to government this person isn’t capable of telling the truth.

    He has zero credibility!

  3. Even Democrats are running away from you.

  4. We need the transcripts….fail. We need whistleblower account… We're going to subpoena everyone!

  5. You basterds in the CA 28th district better vote this despicable lying mother fcking cksucker Schiff out of office . Real Americans will not stand for your incompetence in voting anymore.

  6. Democrats and ANYONE who believes this crap must be suffering from a serious case of TDS mixed with retardation…

  7. Worry not about the thoughts that go through your head when you see Adam Shiff; The Word of God says; "Hate what is evil".(Romans 12:9) And rest assured, we do.

  8. Adam shift has zero credibility claimed he had evidence of Russian collusion for two-and-a-half years and came up with a big nothing Burger. Democrats are now 0-3

  9. LIAR LIBERAL'S FAKE WHISTLE-BLOWER was fabricated, to create FAKE Liberal Impeachment news cycle. President Trump made a GREAT SPEECH TO UN… Democrats created fake news to divert attention.

    President Trump had a dozen White House personnel listening to his call with the Ukraine President. This is always the process, so WH staff can document and implement what President Trump discusses.

    CORRUPT DEMOCRATS AND FAKE LIBERAL MEDIA tell us there's some fantasy WH person, who supposedly provided FAKE LIBERAL hear-say, of President Trump's conversation. NEVER, EVER TRUST A LIBERAL!

  10. Still waiting for the Schiff load of evidence on russian collusion evidence.


  12. Schiff is a corrupt moron.

  13. Thanks to Nancy, the US will have at least 2 more conservative Supreme Court justices.

  14. Welcome to Lefty "CLOWN WORLD" The Russian Collusion Delusion: cost: 3 yrs & 40 million $$$$!!! Watching Dims "Crash & Burn" Priceless! Hey Shiffty, We Want Our $40 million & 3 yrs Back Loser!!!

  15. Today, Trump won re-election. Thanks Dumbocrats.

  16. ❌ Barr is a Corrupted Rat Fink, who needs to he held accountable for the Multiple Crimes he's Enabled and the Multiple Obstruction of Justice cases, not including the Corrupt use of Government Resources to investigate people who have done their jobs without recrimination.

    Barr The Dirty Rat needs to removed as soon as possible, or Justice will not be served

  17. Bye bye Forest Chump! This presidency should have never happened.


  19. Russian bots, and propaganda departments are ramping up. why? Because this matters.

  20. Democrats and liberal MSM are stupid enough to not cover the real crime which was committed by Joe Biden. Wake up America the hypocrisy of the left is in plain sight. Take off your tinfoil hats.

  21. Joe Biden is done. Text book politician Quid pro quo to benefit his family.

  22. Checks & Balances aren't  working. Unless the American  people abandon their  keyboards  and cushy bubbles, strike and mass protest or become numb  souls just like the people of Russia.

  23. Barr, McConnell, Lindsay Graham, these men are criminals, enemies of our republic, having sold their souls to the dark side.

  24. Schiff has been ingesting too much man juice.

  25. So Trump asked for a favor, so what? There is not one politician who hasn't asked for a favor, don't be naive, they all do it. I'm sure Pelosi or Schumer has asked for favor hundreds of time. All Trump asked was to look into possible corruption in the Ukraine, what is wrong with that?

  26. The liberal Democrats are off their rockers and their desperate for legitimacy.

  27. I find it startling that Biden got away with this!!!

  28. STFU Schiff! You're SUCH a lying criminal!

  29. This is another joke fishing expedition , I live in shifty district 40% increase in homelessness since he took over. Typhus in our community now but he is fishing trying to impeach our president. Makes no sense.

  30. The dims and media exposed as liars and traitors once again.
    You lost 2016. Get over it.

  31. Biden was investigated and cleared of any wrongdoing. Don't drink the Faux News kool-aid.


  33. Trump is so pathetic. Witch hunt. Really? Come on. It’s so obvious he conspired with the Russians and now trying to with Ukraine. He knows he can’t win any other way. All of you trumpets think it’s ok to go to any lengths to get dirt on opponents. No morals no integrity no shame. You deserve this loser fake president. You are all posers. Take off.

  34. With what is happening Biden needs to be investigated because taxpayer dollars were involved we the people have a right to know

  35. Trump is just a Russian thug in debt to Putin! Release his tax returns and everything will be clear. Why else would he be so interested in a corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor that was in Russia’s pocket and the Ukrainians hated because he didn’t prosecute any corruption cases? He hasn’t been working for America since day one.

  36. So we're supposed to keep fighting other countries battles losing American lives for someone else's causes

  37. This is what our government should be. The congress is just doing their job, keeping the president in check. Plus come on guys do you really think the transcript has not tampered. Thank Mr. Schiff, for doing your job! I do not bother to read comment sections on the news anymore. They are either trolls or bots.

  38. Voting don't work when you don't count the votes.

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