Sunday , November 29 2020
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Watch Live: Trump Holds News Conference With President Of Finland | NBC News

Watch live coverage as President Trump holds a news conference with President Niinistö of Finland.
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Watch Live: Trump Holds News Conference With President Of Finland | NBC News


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  1. My Cardboard Red-paint Cardboard Rocket Model,,Flares with Bentonite,,How many Slovik Doctor Prescribe_"Pike" Robopike

  2. The smoke screen on this guy is a mile wide.

  3. Why are they sitting in the thumb nail

  4. Finland president is think get me out of here this president from 🇺🇸 is lying throw his teeth

  5. Funny a nervous president in 🇺🇸

  6. What was fabricated? The American people need to know this more than we needed to know about Bill Clinton's BJ… and yet, everybody knows about it whether they like it or not…

  7. Hey NBC if trump hates you then call him on his own b.s.and boycott trump then see what kind of news it makes but if you want him as our president in 2020 then keep on reporting and keeping him relevant.

  8. Is Trump from another universe?

  9. Leave it NBC viewers to trash their President no matter what he does. Losers, all of you.

  10. NBC, where lies, opinion, half truths and leftist bigotry gets presented as "News".

  11. President unhinged. This embarrassment needs to be removed, PERIOD !!!!

  12. 50:19
    Some kind of a mental breakdown…

    I believe he's talking about himself.

  13. 47:24
    Content for Seth Meyers' The Tiny Voice in the Back of Donald Trump's Head

  14. This will be on the late shows tonight or tomorrow.

  15. Paul Ryan wouldn’t give out subpoenas because he wasn’t doing his JOB.

  16. Wow the world is led by a complete madman.

  17. I don’t think trump can pass a 3rd grade reading test 😂

  18. Scratch a lie, find a thief.

  19. I don’t think the president uses wet wipes. IMPEACH!!!

  20. Why would Paul Ryan need to give someone a subpoena when there's no crime? Obama was A1 political credit, Trump is F- credit just like his financial credit.

  21. This presidency is a scam. "Ask Putin" Why would we need to ask another liar for another lie?

  22. Amazing, Ttrumpfpopo. You ask the press to ask the Finnish President a question but you jump in to answer it…Jenius, &, popular as well it seems…

  23. Did Trump ask him to investigate Biden’s little boy ?

  24. Want to talk about getting “ripped”?
    Ask Bibi, ejet.
    “The sucker”? I thought you did that when you sank the Taj Mahal.

  25. The Finns have no illusions as to what the Russians are capable of. Comrade Ttrumpfov is as welcome there as as a pork sausage at a Jewish wedding. Worst still, in a country where drinking is a serious national pastime, the sober jenius couldn’t be further out of lace.

  26. Anybody wonder why they both have the same exact hand position?
    Is this a code of some kind?
    It may say "I'm bullschitting you" and it may also say "I know you are"

  27. How embarrassing. Trump must be removed before it's too late. MAGA folks hatred of immigrants keep trump propped up. It's now a CURSE

  28. PLEASE TAKE NOTE: AT 106:36. Trump was asked what he expected Ukraine to do about Biden and Trump goes into tirade about US AID to Ukraine!!!!!

  29. 400 Years is up, curses hitting Japheth as blowback hard now.

    Becky gets put in a cage. She can feast for her life now for 99 years.

    Former Dallas Police Officer Is Guilty of Murder for Killing Her Neighbor

    Amber Guyger killed an unarmed black man, Botham Jean, in his own apartment on a different floor from hers. She faces up to 99 years in prison.

    Sources for all info posted by HybridInfoDesk: TruNews, RealNews Network, VOA, Vox, Vice, EFF, TYT, Two Preachers, RT America Rick Sanchez, Al Jazeera, Jewsontelevision, The Money GPS, Jimmy Dore Show, Democracy Now, DW Documentary, LaterClips, Alltime10s, France24 English, Global News, Melkeb, JPost, PBS Frontline and other resources. Linking news, stories, connecting the information dots–for producing the big picture perspective.

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