Saturday , August 8 2020
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Watch: Trump holds meeting on small business amid Pensacola shooting

President Trump holds a roundtable meeting on small business and his administration’s red tape accomplishments amid a shooting at a naval base in Pensacola, Fla., that left multiple people dead and injured.
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Watch: Trump holds meeting on small business amid Pensacola shooting


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  1. He don't explain in detail he just say perfect, terrific, better, we winning, its bigger, it's better its the best…lol

  2. My sister friend told me this place hired her and gave her 4 hours this week…and she got 8 hours schedule next week which is two days, SMH…$9 an hour…what she suppose to do with that? buy some pads……

  3. Yeah they hiring but they not giving us hours or they cutting hours, minimum wage ain't went up, people still struggling out here… I here u Mr President but I can't tell…I was getting more money before you came into office at least I was getting overtime..Plus hours…

  4. Is this the same Donald who said for 8 years

    "Pres Obama will not say Radical Islamic Terrorism"????????

    So because it is the Saudis'who he is trying to get a deal to build a building.

    ( Saudis attacked us on 9/11 – All 20 attackers were Saudi )

    We get crickets . Trump refuses to say his favorite line Radical Islamic Terrorism

  5. Incandescent light bulbs are harmful not only because of the electricity they waste in producing heat, but also the amount of carbon dioxide they emit.

  6. Yeah, wait until that stock market falls.

  7. Let's talk about your very low numbers in October. And the count doesn't start "from your election" – it starts from October 2017, when YOUR economy starts.

  8. Bull crap. Your jobs numbers are not anything spectacular. Nothing but lies….as usual.

  9. common sense don the con criminal trump that bankrupt 3 casinos stole for his own charity paid back 25million in fraud university

  10. Show support for Nancy Pelosi Impeachment text 668366 or go to

  11. When he got to the lightbulb and water portion, 10:25, I had to double check to make sure this wasn’t an SNL parody.

  12. Here we go again- Hail Trump!! The 'bestest', the 'greatestest', THE CHOSEN ONE!

  13. Trump has a attention span of a hummingbird! Being a narcissist he just doesn't care about these folks personal stories.

  14. Anyone notice how he lets the men speak and only interrupts the women?

  15. @10:54 he’s not funny – as the room erupts with laughter 🐤

  16. Theres something wrong with his FACE….he has NO control over it….it just need HELP!!

  17. Trump is NOT 2 faced…hes 10+++++ faced!!! Ugly faces NO Good face!!

  18. NBC and liberals alike are useless and a joke

  19. Greatest president ever. Thank you president Trump

  20. 158 million people working but the US population is 327 million? I know not of which I speak, but that just doesn’t sound good to me. Like half the people living here are too young/old to work?

  21. You said you
    did this and that, where's the proof…I have two automobiles that have tons of recalls, and you say they operate better, who are you kidding!?!? The lightbulb that is expensive is in your head. Speaking of water, what are you going to do about climate control, that sounds like common sense.

  22. 18:13 get to the man behind the curtain who has the power. Have you seen the movie? The man behind the curtain is a lying incompetent fraud. Never mind your metaphor was fine

  23. He literally doesn’t get the joke of “they make you look orange”. We laugh because he IS orange. It would require self awareness for him to get it

  24. 6:17 “The stock market and jobs Literally went through the roof”. Thank god we have this very stable genius in charge. This I can tell you. He is literally a god all shall worship

  25. trump hotel is buying chinese steel. its part of the 500Mil loan deal from china… and thats per hotel.

  26. Speaking to his choir. And it's still for me since trying to 'listen' to him during his campaign, hard to understand and follow his messages; guess for this president I am not in his league or subculture group. Oh well. Guess there are worse things in life.

  27. 1:28 man those some people sure do back up trump good. The best ones call him sir 80 times a minute. Oh and the people who are talking are very tremendous good. Very good better than best we so big

  28. Business for the people by the people from the people is the propeller for the progress.

  29. Right this time 05:44 Saturday morning, 7th December from Somaliland at Sheikh town I say Trump/Pence for 20/20.

  30. The richard sucking this baby requires to keep if from crying is amazing. And those that do, well, I guess you are the new 5/8ths.

  31. Half the fools in this country don't deserve Trump.

  32. Creepy Joe likes kids jumping on his lap.

  33. Creepy Joe likes kids feeling his leg hair.

  34. Mr. Clinton Killedepstien.

  35. Yeah, they just love us, probably as much as the mendacious fuckbilled twatypus.

  36. Our President helps all of us, you can say what you want but we have all benefited through his policies! Lowest unemployment and amazing the comments against him. If Clinton had won we would be in a war and most likely a depression at this point. He is totally Awesome! Thank you Mr President for always standing up for all of us and making us more prosperous!

  37. "I love when children jump on my lap after rubbing my blonde leg hair"

  38. clown trump's story will end badly

  39. Move AOC into the White House. The two could rule the world.

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