Friday , January 15 2021
Home / News / Watch: Trump Hosts 2020 White House Turkey Pardon, Introduces ‘Corn’ And ‘Cob’ | NBC News NOW

Watch: Trump Hosts 2020 White House Turkey Pardon, Introduces ‘Corn’ And ‘Cob’ | NBC News NOW

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump participated in the annual White House event, which dates back to Abraham Lincoln. This year’s lucky turkeys, named “Corn” and “Cob,” hail from Iowa.
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Watch: Trump Hosts 2020 White House Turkey Pardon, Introduces ‘Corn’ And ‘Cob’ | NBC News NOW


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  1. Bruh even the turkey white 🤣

  2. Trump, is the biggest turkey of all time

  3. I am a New Zealander so I don’t understand this tradition properly. But this was very heartwarming to watch. Those are beautiful beautiful birds! Very lucky gobblers. Happy thanksgiving to all Americans

  4. Lefties be like: Why isn't that turkey wearing a mask!? 🤣

  5. Next theyre going to say Trumps racist because he chose white turkeys

  6. I am just wondering… Does Melania give a f*** about Thanksgiving? LOL

  7. I'm Thankful for Poultry Science and Veterinary Medicine!

    Dr. Inayat Kathio, the Pakistani Diplomat who introduced our capitalist chicken farming methods to his homeland and revolutionized nutrition for millions of impoverished people, made a big mistake endorsing Biden's smack cartel over this Great President!


  9. I dont buy it. those birds seem a little bit off to me no offense but they do. 🤕

  10. Next year Biden will pardon himself.

  11. Their tails look a little messy. I would have thought they would have been "groomed" like a show bird.

  12. Why not invite public and media to rally for Biden to prove his popularity? Invite Biden supporters, MORE people in America than Obama voters according to media, to support him waving Biden flags and plaques, all cities & towns, all states Saturday 28 Nov 2020. Send invitation to CNN and media.

  13. Who heard a noise at 0:13 when he says "Corn"?


    Jesus says the actual disease is not
    corvid-19 but IMMORALITY….

  15. The kid never shows up for anything for the past year. Even he knows his father is a punk. Imagine what he hears at school. FREE BARRON!!

  16. Thought he couldn't pardon himself

  17. Said the farmer to the turkey "I hearby grant you a full pardon". "But I still own you. ". "There are still many turkeys I will pardon.". "You are just my message to them.". "But don't forget I still own you". "You are in my farm." "My farm has boundaries." "You will serve me at another time". "Meanwhile I will fatten you ." "Should you decide to leave my farm, I will hunt you down and you will serve at my table where I will carve you; "feast on you and carve down to the barebone." "Remember I have no friends". "Only servants".

  18. Welcome to Trump's Traveling
    Circus and Freak Sideshows

  19. why did he pardon the white turkeys is tht even a thing? turkeys are brown

  20. Omg. I'm Russian and I have never heard about this tradition, even though I have a lot of students(I teach Russian as a foreign language) and friends from all over the world and now, accidentally I got this video. Also I'm quite sure that none of my friends is aware about this tradition… But I have to admit that it's so funny and fascinating. I mean, I can feel solemnity of it all with each cell of my body, a lot of cameras, people applause, Mr. President. You guys definetely have a great sense of humor! Respect from Russia, love you guys))

  21. Who pardoning who? Trump pardoning the turkey, or is the turkey pardoning Trump?

  22. President Joe Biden please pick an aggressive DOJ..please let the DOJ pursue all criminal case against the clown and his cronies ..specifically the 8 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

  23. .. NBC News broadcast! 👨‍💼 thank you for providing reliable Intel information! 🖥 and OMG! 😄 I can't believe for Thanksgiving! 🦃 Donald Trump! did it again! LoL! 😂 CORN! 🦃 was GRANTED A #PARDON! 👨‍⚖ it's the only Justice! Donald Trump has done all year! 📆 and I am sure that #CORN! 🦃is very THANKFUL!! 🦃👏😂❤

  24. President Trump should have wrapped a rusty chain around Corn Pops neck. I know that's what Biden would have done because he told us so!

  25. Pardons should have guidelines. Criminal behavior should not be pardoned. No president should be above the law. Like he himself said something like "I could shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters."

    Well, he so bluntly spoke about "shooting" and a 17 year old kid shot two persons. A black man was choked to death. God keep Biden safe because murder spirit was spewed by his speaking.

  26. Both turkeys pardoned by Trump are white. Trump is a “racist”. 😂

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