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Water rescues underway after rain slams Texas l ABC News

ABC News’ Rob Marciano reports from Houston where police recovered over 200 vehicles and some schools were told to shelter in place because of the rain.

2 dead as flooding disaster brings Houston area to standstill.
Torrential rain and deadly flooding is bringing the Houston area to a standstill, shuttering schools, canceling flights and leaving hundreds of cars swamped and abandoned.

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  1. The heathens rage the kingdoms were moved,he uttered his voice, the earth melted. The lord of host is with us,the God of jacob is our refuge. Selah. Come behold the works of the lord, what desolation he has made in the earth. Psalms46.

  2. I was down there in my 18 wheeler

  3. Loebrules + Texas is the Throne of white supremacy. Mother Nature trying to washi away the racism in their hearts and minds

  4. religion lies. This Is Noah and the flood

  5. I'm a Flood Victim!!! It's 1000"S of homes destroyed!!! We lost 90% of what we owned. Heartbroken!!! 😥#Imelda #Houston

  6. I don,t understand why don,t those house owners raise there house,s on stilits about 6ft just like they have on Galveston Tx

  7. Nice at failing to report Global Warming. I hate Trump but agree with him: Fake News. You should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES for reporting only news that serves to benefit your pocketbooks (a.k.a.propaganda). Untrustworthy fools!!

  8. So for those that live or maybe at a point lived in this area: Why do folks drive when they either know its flooding or suspect it will? I live in phoenix so im not gonna speculate as to the why? But its a real question, how all these folks get stuck when yall see it coming?

  9. Less pollution now less cars moving

  10. It seems like Houston has an issue with there drainage systems. flooding is becoming common in that city, where maybe it wasnt in the past. no global warming right Trump.

  11. When will these idiots wake up and start realizing that Houston needs a complete 180 because they have built concrete after concrete over nature.

  12. They need to get FEMA down there to help people now

  13. Houston going in the ocean faster than California

  14. They ain't even warning us anymore the want us to drown

  15. Now they know what is Texas and Florida. Texas was never a desert. The earlier civilization drowning is what the oil is about. Florida an island joined hands with USA. It was a gulf.

  16. 🌾no one understand but the voice speak on to you fools🙌 behold my people my people you already save

  17. Keep cutting down every tree for profit…seed the clouds oh secret government…Do huge harm for the good of a few thousand greedy people upon this planet…seems like the right-use-ness thing to do!

    Keep up the destruction of earth…what a perfect kind thing to do!

  18. LoebRules….. " this is the beginning of sorrows ". IF….if you are DISCERNING of the " sign of the times ", you have seen the increase of the POWER OF THE STORMS, and INCREASE OF STORMS upon the earth. " Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth; for the powers of heaven shall be shaken ". These words are from the JEWISH MESSIAH JESUS, The Son of GOD, when he was upon the earth. His WARNING to mankind, to get right with GOD. Have you been BORN-AGAIN? Have you been RESTORED to The Heavenly Father from YOUR SIN, through JESUS CHRIST the Lord, and received THE HOLY SPIRIT? Who are you TRUSTING in….for your LIFE? WHO LOVES YOU, and wants to BLESS YOU? it is JESUS CHRIST the Lord. Call upon him today, while he is near. REPENT of your SIN, CONFESS to JESUS you are a SINNER…ask JESUS to come into your life; he will give you THE HOLY SPIRIT. READ THE BIBLE…these WORDS OF LIFE ARE FOR YOU, FOR ALL MANKIND. Then, whatever happens, you will be in his presence forever. That is my hope…and it can be your hope too. IT IS YOUR CHOICE…..CHOOSE LIFE…CHOOSE CHRIST JESUS the Lord. Ref: LUKE 21:26; PSALM 34:18; ISAIAH 1:18-20; JOHN 3:3-7; ACTS 2:38. Amein. I do not want you to go to Hell at your time of death, then at JUDGMENT DAY, to be cast into The Lake of Fire……..for eternity; because you REJECTED JESUS CHRIST the Lord. Ref: REVELATION 22:13-15. Amein. WISE MEN STILL SEEK HIM.

  19. See, if only they had the wall built then none of this would have happened?

  20. People continue to pick Houston over Dallas

  21. I think it's time to move out of Texas. Could this be Global Warming/Climate Change? It seems that it's getting more and more worse every year. God Bless them all!

  22. It not rocket science to figure out why Houston flood's alot it a flat land most of the neighborhood in Houston built in area used to be swamp land.

  23. Forget the stinking animals. Rescue the people first. 🙃🙃🙃

  24. Omg! So sad.. I pray for everyone in Houston.

  25. Not a place to live anymore, to flat of land.

  26. You would think being next to the ocean ,water run off into the ocean….

  27. Climate Change not a. Hoax Really it isn't

  28. Why ppl even live in Houston is the question of the century.

  29. We as Houstonians felt this pain! Our heart goes out to those affected by this storm! We helped out as much as we could on that day! Check our ground coverage on our page! Hope everyone has a blessed day!

  30. It was that sad about the house it down there

  31. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  32. And then there is my dumbass who would actually find this to be fun until I find out how costly it is

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  34. Finally I can buy a flooded Ferrari on the dollar.

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