Waukesha Brings Back The Christmas Parade

The community turned up in force one year after a man drove an SUV through the Christmas parade killing six people and injuring dozens more. The parade’s 80 floats were led by six snowflake cutouts in honor of the lives lost. To ensure safety, the city quadrupled police officer presence and altered the parade route from past years, along with an $800,000 investment in new vehicle barriers.

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  1. I used to know a black girl named Waukeesha.

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  3. Changes are coming in January

  4. Barricade vehicles you spent $80K on? You don't have school buses, county dump trucks? Semi/trailers? Waste of money, lack of imagination.

  5. When are you going to cover twitter files?

  6. I'm shocked stupid NBC isn't calling for a national ban on the sale of SUV's.

    It killed six people!!!!! For the love of God!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thank God. God bless the fallen. Senseless. Heartless tragedy.