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WE GOT THE KEYS! // Empty Apartment Tour & Bridal Skincare Routine! // Fashion Mumblr

WE GOT THE KEYS! // Empty Apartment Tour & Bridal Skincare Routine! /
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  1. It was so cringey when Charlie said you don’t clean your other home well. Ugh. He’s the worst. Hey Charlie, here’s an idea. You live there too so when something is dirty, ummmm clean it your damn self. Welcome to 2019. Josie, please note the signs. Think long and hard before marrying someone so condescending and controlling. You deserve the best.

  2. 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  3. Nice place, but it looks small. Very small.

  4. So much fun watching you guys move into your new place. Thanks for sharing that with all of us. Congratulations

  5. I am very happy for you, congratulations.❤❤❤🙏


  7. Your new place looks so nice and cozy. ❣

  8. Wondering if you could just post an affiliate link of the vacuum cleaner : P

  9. Also it doesn’t seem that long ago you got your built in wardrobes?

  10. Your make up is lovely and casual outfit

  11. You say you want to reduce plastic use and be more eco—friendly, but you drink Nespresoo every day which is packed in plastic and aluminium

  12. Congrats! Love seeing the beginning of a new chapter in your lives😁👍💖🤗💋

  13. Congrats! But the new place seems so much smaller than where you currently live! You had it done up so nicely😃

  14. Didn't you know that marriage is an outdated pointless institution these days ? People just tend to live together now without all the bollocks that go with it,, simples !! Do we get to see a vlog about which moisturiser you'll use before attending the divorce courts ??

  15. Congratulations on your new place! Where is the floor steamer from? Is there a link? Much love xox

  16. Love your content Josie 💖 so excited to see the apartment come together x


  17. Apropos recycling… recycling is FABULOUS, no doubt about it, but DO REMEMBER that the process of having to break something down to return it to a form that can then be re-used, TAKES massive RESOURCES and the BEST mode of looking after the planet is to NOT MAKE STUFF or USE stuff that NEEDS TO BE recycled. The little pods one uses for a single serving of coffee … you do the math; if every, or most households, are using these little pods and this sort of coffee maker (because it's clean and efficient AND cute! no doubt about it), it's because we do not see the long journey and resources needed and the impact on the environment that ALL OF THIS entails. I love the two of you and the boundless positive energy that you inspire and I know I sound extreme and I don't mean to!! And I am not saying to not use your new coffee maker… just do please think about it … a bit!

  18. Josie and Charlie, CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is a lot to have on your plate (moving, working, planning a wedding) PLEEEEEEASE do not over-do it and make yourselves ill! Beeeeeeeee good to yourselves!

  19. I like the blue wall in the bedroom. I am surprised you wouldn't add a metal rack to the wall in the walk-in closet so you would have more hanging space vs. a mirror. I am shocked you down-sized from a 2 bedroom flat since you both film and there are lots of goodies that you both receive every week. I like the storage space in the kitchen. I like the idea of a refrigerator that has the look of furniture from what I could tell. You did a great bathroom scrub down. I also like the mirrored closet in the bathroom for all your products. I am sure the dogs will enjoy their new home as long as they are with you and Charlie. You stated the name of the paint color but not the brand. Any chance this isn't a gel polish? Any and every paint color looks great with an engagement ring. Cheers to you, Charlie and the boys!

  20. well its um…. really small…. u r halving the size of your home….congratulations tho… nothing better then owning your own home, but… wow

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