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'We have constitutional responsibility': Rep. Eliot Engel on impeachment

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Eliot Engel discusses the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump on “This Week.”

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  1. The Constitution is dead 💀 and Trump killed it. America is now ruled by a dictator. MAGA

  2. If you collude or are owned by a foreign government you are a traitor and should be impeached. Basically, Trump and every Israeli controlled politician except AOC, Omar and Tlaib should be removed from office!

  3. Poor Eliot, he has zero passion for this phony impeachment, just like the rest of the nation.

  4. How can you have an argument when one side doesn't care about the facts?

  5. Outcome Trump wins in a landslide

  6. It's disingenuous to compare the Clinton impeachment to the Trump situation. While they both are guilty of obstruction, Clinton was obstructing to maintain his right to privacy. He had a consensual sexual encounter with someone, which might have been immoral, but was not illegal and he never should have been questioned by congress on the subject.
    Trump is obstructing to cover up actual crimes. It's ironic / moronic that 20 Republicans that voted to impeach Clinton are still members of Congress and (pretend to) think that what Trump has done and is still doing is OK.

    If Obama had done anything remotely similar, the republicans would have fast tracked an impeachment. I mean, look at how outraged they were over Obama's tan suit…

  7. Constitutional duty to investigate Trump. Investigate Biden? No, no he gets a free pass!

  8. Funny how they honor the Constitution when it suits them.

  9. I can’t wait until Trump is impeached! Really looking forward to Pence becoming Commander in Chief!!

  10. Wrong person to be talking on TV about this! Not well spoken too many "uhh" and slight stutters! It sounds as if he is not sure!

  11. This guy needs to be voted out of office.

  12. OK…..
    1. the Senate Republicans WILL NOT impeach Trump as it would be like "turkeys voting for Christmas".
    2.Trump will duck and dive and most independent voters really don't care as long as their pocketbook is not empty.
    3.Republican voters are myopic, black-hearted, self serving individuals who would pay to be like Trump.
    4. Most Americans have no idea of the rest of the world and DON'T CARE.
    5.Trump knows his audience from the illiterate, racist, homophobic, to the flat-earth, creationist Evangelicals praying for The Rapture.
    4 more years and IT WILL GET WORSE!

  13. Trump is being accused of what bidon actually did yet dems want trump gone and bidon in … everyone can see the hypocrisy from the dems. Trump 2020

  14. Trump is a pathetic failure of a President.

  15. The Democrat Party is a party of Hoaxes.

    The Ukrainian Hoax.

    The Russia Collusion Hoax.

    Kavanaugh Rape Hoax.

    Jussie Smollett Hoax.

    Covington High School Hoax.

    The Earth has 12 Years Left Hoax.

    Charlottesville Hoax.

    Hands Up Don't Shoot Hoax.

  16. Two faced hypocritical democrats who looked the other way in the 2016 presidential race. They are the enemy of the state and will pay for it dearly in the 2020 elections because sane people are tired of their antics. Only crazy liberals who have a mental disorder like the ones posting on here and part of the country do not believe in anything except Bs from CNN and the social media pundits.

  17. Get these idiots out of our congress. How can we justify paying this kind of idiots ? Get the DEMS out, sweep the floors of our senate and house and ABC news air this garbage.

  18. You're getting Trump mixed up with Obama

  19. Just think for a minute. What has changed in your life since Trump has been in office. Do you know anyone who's life has changed? Maybe for the better, but not many can say their life has gotten worse. Our tax money is being wasted and has been for the last 3 years on investigations that ended up leading to nothing. Get to work and fix problems with the country.

  20. Uggggg just more bs!!! Trump 2020!!

  21. He’s a speed addict take him out office

  22. It is fucking pathetic that anyone from the democrat party would talk about working with the Russians.

    Pure projection

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