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This three-day meal prep has it all! It’s vegan, it’s easy, it’s cheap, and it’s perfect for weight loss. These meals are high in fiber and protein, so they’ll keep you hydrated and feeling full. Feel free to swap out ingredients that are expensive in your area!

πŸ™Œ21 Day Weight Loss and Self Love Challenge:


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  1. I wanted to bring you this video because many people have the idea that meal prep can be expensive and I want to show you that it is simpler than it seems! Add some key ingredients and a pinch of creativity and you'll have a nice meal! πŸ™Œ I wrote you the full recipes on my page, you can check it out here πŸ‘‰πŸ½

  2. Lovely video thanks so much. God bless from Germany

  3. I personally think the calories are perfect for WEIGHT LOSS. She’s a professional. Plus food is for nourishment we technically aren’t even supposed to eat three times a day. To much food is unhealthy.

  4. Is vegan diet the same as whole food diet?

  5. I'm hungry just watching this and knowing it won't fill me…

  6. Starvation diet! It seems you have no knowledge of nutrition. This meals are not high in protein! They are too low in calories and where are the carbs? It’s impossible to eat like that and stay healthy and happy. You’re giving wrong advice. A vegan/plant based diet should not look like this!

  7. A Pizza Hut ad popped up before this video…

  8. Looks great for dieting. For a skinny person like me, this kinda low calorie diet would emaciate me.

  9. wheres the chicken wings

  10. Hope you all saw her exposed for eating fish. #FakeASSVEGAN #REMOVERAWVANA

  11. And the fish???. in secret how you ?.
    Neither hashtag, nor subscribe, nor anything ….. to another dog with that bone.
    you only want that youtube fill your pockets at the expense of unsuspecting … at least I do not believe anything …

  12. Good advice I will combine with this diet that I follow: => weightlossin3weeks. com <= (Google it)
    I lost about 10 pounds in 3 weeks.

  13. But beans and corn are cooked?

  14. I wanna see more vegan save money meal preps. Especially for those who are new to veganism or thinking about trying it out.

  15. would I be able to swap the tomatoes for something else? maybe jalapenos ?

  16. What blender do you recommend

  17. Can you stop copying other people. You need to be original. You are copying fullyrawkristina. I can’t stand neither one of you. You have 0 knowledge of anything, and you think that you know it all.

  18. Hi recipes look yummy and worth trying. I looked in your recipe guide and I did not see a calories count for any of the recipes- do you shRe this or do we just figure it out? Thank you

  19. these look delish… but I also agree w the other comments lower calories are fine, but I will be starving all the time and when I do starve I make poor decisions lol….

  20. How many calories is this per day? 1,500? I would find it hard to eat enough nutrients and minerals by eating only low-calorie veggies. I need my sweet fruit, starchy veg, grains and I don't have time to chew for 5 hours of every waking day. :O

  21. I'm following your advice again in my life, this year in 2019 my goal is to lose 40 pounds. And eat a vegan diet with alot of raw fruits and vegetables. I am so proud of you Yovanna you have influenced and inspired so many lives and I want you to know that your work is amazing, you are strong, and God will always bless you. I'm proud of you for always staying humble, for staying kind, and for being brave to put your work out there for the world… I learned about your life from when you started volunteering at Kristina's co-op. And i am happy that you continue to inspire me to take better care of myself, and love myself, and be myself. Thank you for everything. I send my love to you.β™‘Gina instagram:@gina_star_baker

  22. Really like these!!! I am picky but ironically all of these I would eat. Glad you posted.

  23. I am just curious there is no protein for breakfast or lunch? Should you add flax or hemp seeds to the smoothies?

  24. Starting vegan tomorrow and Meal prepping all of this now and just confused about if the lentils should be cooked before they go in the mixture?

  25. Smoothies have never kept me full for hours. Looks delicious

  26. Your recipes are so simple. Thank you

  27. Feel like you've already showed all these recipes before in past videos

  28. I'm glad you mentioned legumes and substituting certain foods, I'm allergic to certain foods like legumes and it was a concern of mine to avoid the ER by mistakenly indulging one of my no-no foods in my quest for better health through raw vegan living. If you can please address G6PD allergies/sensitivity in a future video, it would be a great help for the millions that have this genetic mutation. Love the videos, liked and subscribed.

  29. I know a lot of other people have mentioned this too but I do think this is very misleading with the portion sizes. I saw in a comment you said his came up to 950 calories but my basal metabolic rate is 1455 calories. Even if I were to sit on my couch and do nothing all day I would still need more calories than this. I’ve been watching your videos for years and love them, but this is the smallest portions I’ve ever seen you show before. I think you really do need to clarify if you are eating snacks or adding more to these meals when you are eating them. I still love you, I’m just worried someone might take this literal and only eat this.

  30. The lentil tacos look so gooood!

  31. These recipes look great, especially the zucchini boats, however I know that I would be starving all day. I definitely would need to snack in between meals and I would need to add some more food to each meal or double the recipe.

  32. mirrors Fully Raw Kristina


  34. You are a delight to watch an inspiration I've written down each recipe you included in this video I truly believed you when you said we're a family and we're in this together thank you young lady you are appreciated keep up the good work

  35. This is anorexian meal prep, low calories, lack of nutrients, carbs and protein…

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