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'We're going to be putting shots in the arm Tuesday morning in Newark': NJ governor | ABC News

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is interviewed on “This Week.”

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Never had ANY vaccine…NEVER WILL. Haven't been sick in yrs, and I'm pushing 60 yrs old. I make my own herbal preventatives provided by Mother Nature.

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  3. Did the govonor get his shot in the arm Yet?

  4. I can NOT STAND WHAT A LIER !!!
    This piece of crap Gov Phil Murphy is
    I live in New Jersey and
    He makes me sick !!!!

  5. Perhaps population control should start with fewer politicians and mega rich CEOs?🤔 You know where you can stick your shots, F**K all you Commies 💉🚫‼

  6. Why Newark? And why not Alpine or Livingston NJ? Matter of fact Murphy show some leadership and get the first shot live… #UsingThePoorBlackandLatinos as human test crash dummies😈

  7. All the pharmacies been given this vaccine every year for the last 20 years call the flu shot

  8. People will still not use face mask or distance soo 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. God should never come out of that man's mouth he's the furthest thing from it

  10. Sign a petition recall this man

  11. What a piece of s*** that man is

  12. Fear mongering scumbags…the both of them


  14. Tuskegee 626 1932-1972 Medical Experiment
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    “Science Destroys Our Civilization With It’s Man-Made Diseases & Supposed Cures With Its False Science”, exposed by Dr Strecker, Dr Eva Lee Snead, Dr William C. Douglas and a Host of others. Dr Francis Boyle say COVID-19 IS A BIOWEAPON.
    Being Strong Is The Only Choice We Have.

  15. Ivermectin is a safe and effective treatment of covid19! Merry Crisis and Happy New Fear!

  16. Phil murphy is not requiring masks anywhere in the state. Restaurants, malls, stores, Anywhere!!!!!!! Why is the news not covering this????

  17. They are coming to Newark. Be careful people

  18. Go on donald trump pandemic more 6 months or 1 year or follow they plan testing item over n over again .without president grovement how united state no grovement .

  19. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness should be change to…… A government controlled life,lockdowns and the pursuit of vaccines.

  20. The governor will probably celebrate the success by going out to a restaurant for dinner with the family.

  21. Not in this are you’re not. Had it; immune for life. The virus is really weak. It’s only advantage is that the human body hasn’t seen it before. Once contracted, your immune system will register it’s chemical makeup, create antibodies, and remember.

  22. How about the gov . Getting the vaccine first… Leaders suppose to give example

  23. This guy is an animal. This is huge dollars for these pharma companies! That being said take it if you want, but people that don't want it leave them the hell alone! No one should ever be forced to do anything they don't want to do, period!!

  24. Total scam bill gates should be put in jail this virus is a joke

  25. Some are also not ready to take something so new and wants to see more focused research on the side effects people are having from the vaccine. Vaccine companies have not have time to test long-term effects. Some medical professionals are waiting on getting vaccinated citing concerns about the speed at which the vaccine was produced along with any possible risks.

  26. I see Murphy is packing on the pounds in this early winter. Continue to stay warm Governor.

  27. Notice they didn't say Police and firefighters? The government has spent billions to train health care workers to the point there's a surplus and if the police departments went down it would leave the country under military control.. Reality….And politicians can't have that ..

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