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‘We’re going to have a strong economy through 2020’: White House trade adviser

Peter Navarro, director of the White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing, joins Martha Raddatz on “This Week.”


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  1. Trump economy is fake, buy gold

  2. Martha Raddatz hates Trump – she was crying on election night when she realized he had crushed Hillary!

  3. Dems are desperate to cry "recession' since their Russia farce fell apart!

  4. Navarro got it right pretty much.

  5. I think Navarro was being honest. They raised rates too fast. Now they have to lower them.

    I think tariffs are a good idea. But again they are raising them too fast.


  6. Fox news has hot blonds abc chicks not so much

  7. You guys are just looking for anything negative about Us economy. You're straining yourself to manufacture something bad about the economy. This is really funny..

  8. Still better than socialism tbh

  9. navarro is another WH liar and defender of trumpskis insane tarriff wars

  10. That way, if we have a recession, you can still blame the feds, wall street and china.

  11. DemoncRATS are going to get their diseased asses kicked in 2020!

  12. Martha Raddatz is the worst kind of fake joruno.


  14. Navarro is a lifelong Democrat. The trade agenda of this administration is a direct rebuke to that of both parties. The only real question is it too far gone to reel back in the damage that has been wrought.

  15. "… the Wall Street Journal never saw a job they didn't want to offshore."  This guy speaks the truth!

  16. NAVARRO is looking real calm right now… but, this is what he will be like in 2020…

  17. Trade wars are good…and easy to win 🥴

  18. 5:30 Navarro is spot on here. The anchor is annoying, tho. She's the interviewer but thinks she's the interviewee. Asking hard questions is journalism; arguing back is not. Where did these people graduate from?

  19. ‘We’re going to have a strong economy through 2020’..yeah just like "we're are going to clear that iceberg with no problem".

  20. Amen Navarro the corporate elites wouldn't care if every factory and manufacturing job in the US left this country – they worship at the altar of the ledger and NEVER put America first

  21. Was this the guy who Jared Kushner found on Amazon?

  22. Navarro talks about protecting American jobs and wages and all the dumbf..k leftist resisters on this thread attack him. All the gangster DNC and corporate media had to do was tell you dummies to resist and you bent over and took a giant Wall Street dick up your asses. You deserve every little bit of hell that comes your way you filthy traitors to the American people.

  23. That female creature doing the interview… what an ugly fiend. 🤮

  24. The Mushroom-dick-Messiah is
    A Pox on our Republic.
    The Corporate control in our policy making process is a cancer on the body politic.
    Fuck the conservative agenda.
    Fuck Trump-like outlooks.

  25. He didn’t say sheetttt lollllll

  26. US economy is weak thats why we will go to recession

  27. ABC news I wish you lots of luck in 2019 and I hope the economy will be strong again.

  28. more bailouts…that's how you know the economy isn't strong

  29. USA just gave Israel
    ( God bless israel)
    Billions ~ which pays for Free Abortions, Free Healthcare and almost Free College educations!!
    Too bad Americans don't get any of these privledges. Guess who pays these Billions? AMERICANS!!

  30. I guess this guy should suck all American men balls because of such lie . 😂😂😂😂😂

  31. Beside Putin,the rest of the world love to see Donald Trump steps down in 2020 as POTUS.

  32. JFC, Peter Navarro was on ABC News, CNN, and on Face The Nation. Is Trump running out of professional liars? Was Kellyanne Conjob busy today?

  33. Navarro's policies are a major failure

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