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What are the odds of Trump winning re-election?

As of now, President Trump has a 4/5 odds to win re-election, according to Paddy Power’s Lee Price.

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  1. We used to bet football now we betting the presidential election 20/20 “we should create a team “

  2. Unless the democrats pull an impeachment rabbit out of theirs magic heads….he will win 100%.
    They've made him into a martyr through their unconstitutional practices and they have made the constitution into a mockery for their own self interests and gain.
    I've seldom seen so much hate and wickedness bundled together in a political party that claims to be democratic….when it's clear they have become anything but that.

  3. People will bet on anything I swear. Smh.

    Vote Trump 2020

  4. The odds are Trump versus anybody is Trump 100% winner Joe come on man 0 chance

  5. I’ll bet on trump everything

  6. dems have tried hard to turn us against him….we only support him more….TRUMP 2020

  7. Are you kidding the only interest is by how much. The Donald rules.


  9. Trust the plan. WWG1WGA MAGA 2020.

  10. Why would there be any odds on President Trump converting to Islam?

  11. Biden picks Clinton as his running mate, after sworn in he resigns telling Clinton, We promised you the Presidency. Wake up America and get out and vote for President Trump!

  12. Given the IQ and number of his supporters, I would say his chances are excellent. A good idea though. Any US president who declares (yet another) war, the first draft of troops to go to that country should come from the list of people, men and women, who voted for them…

  13. I think the Dems are behind the scene cheating to get the Senate back so.. President Trump can't nominate anyone to the Supreme Court. They are missing their corrupt money and power. … they are for themselves not for us. Trump/Pence 2020.

  14. I have a bet for Paddy Power, I bet you 1000/1 that President Trump's name will be displayed at the entrance of a Holy Temple.

  15. So bookie is Bloomberg not changing his odds , this is dumb as betting on wwe

  16. Is there anybody else around that thinks crooked Hillary will weasel in as a v.p. running mate of the rats nominee, and, Heaven help us, defeat President Trump, just to have the possibly new president get suicded??

  17. Say, if Trump is found guilty then he gets kicked out of office.  Once that happens, his tax records are no longer privileged and he winds up going to jail for tax evasion.  So who are the back up Republican candidates.  Joe Walsh?  William Weld??

  18. Because of recent execution by deep state it will be close.Anti war swing vote damaged.

  19. This stupid mfer said 4 embassy’s 😂 lying POS! He can’t help it huh? Haha 😆

  20. Michell / Mike Obumbler has about as much chance winning an election, as an ice cycle in Hell.
    We've had enough black BS in the White House. 8 miserable years of the O-bomb-us administration, almost made America go bankrupt.
    Donald J Trump will get reelected. He has Made America Great Again! M E G A!!! Trump 2020–2024.🇺🇸

  21. Let's get down to business, TRUMP 2020!

  22. Nancy P. wants to be president by impeachment etc.. She wants power to continue her corruption. God bless Trump!

  23. Is this still a question? The candidates of the Left are all weaklings, save for Tulsi.

  24. What do you mean?
    He already won!!!!
    KAG 2020

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