Saturday , January 23 2021
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What Could Be At Stake If U.S. Government Shuts Down During Pandemic | NBC News NOW

Congress has less than a month to pass a coronavirus relief bill before the end of 2020. NBC News’ Leigh Ann Caldwell reports on what’s at stake as deadlines to fund the U.S. government are quickly approaching.
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What Could Be At Stake If U.S. Government Shuts Down During Pandemic | NBC News NOW


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  1. The Republicans in senate are just blocking progress. We don't need them to quibble – just do your job and serve the people. Republicans act as if they get their own party policies or the people get nothing. OR – they do get their party policies and the people still get nothing. Chuck them out. Change the balance of the senate.

  2. If I didn’t go to work just because ? I would get fire !
    You should all get removed from office if you SHUT DOWN ! You would be considered not doing your Job !

  3. ALL PREPLANNED BY BIGtechlittleDick vaccine king bill gates, zZuckerbergg and BEZO who have been destroying economies in Africa and S.America, Pure~ evil

  4. I'm sorry, did he say, " will it alter the genetic code?"….O.O [BLINK]
    I'm continuously amazed at the inadequacy of the human intellect!

  5. I thought it already shut down! Like 4 years ago!?

  6. Blocking relief for working Americans is something mitch is proud of and we do not have a president until next month.

  7. Why because the wave about a hit from Thanksgiving? Dead customers are a problem. Most people dont want to come out if they risk their lives. We know that the medical staff are now severely stressed.

  8. To Sheila Davidson I Voted for Obama 1st time. My wife became pregnant both our jobs cut our hours to 29 weekly under Obama Care then employers don't have to pay for the baby. The shortened hours caused us to lose the house both cars our jobs bankruptcy divorce so Medicaid would pay for the baby. She went to mom I was homeless. TRUMP got me a job insurance a car remarried to my wife a mortgage on a house. Then Dr Anthony Fauci paid Wuhan Chinese Military Bioweapons lab to INVENT and spread covid to make vaccine money. In 2017 Dr Fauci threatened/promised Trump would face PLANNED DEMIC. After WEF at Davos ordered release the virus.

  9. There should be an independent agency to determine which politicians should not get paid due to what they have been doing for Americans to suffer so much, this will make them work instead of playing their games!

  10. They know these would happen 🦠and they would not prepare if a “shut down “ there’s kids we have to stay safe life matter

  11. When the small amount of people get the vaccine, covid is going to go way up. They will go out without masks and infect the larger population that is not yet vaccinated.

  12. Who's hoarding all the money

  13. SoUnDs LiKE sOCIALism To Me. Hurrr durrrr fake news. Communists- Republicans

  14. I have been in busy medical facilities. I have yet to see anything remotely close to a "busy" hospital. I'm calling FAKE NEWS

  15. if u have never been locked up before u will panick…folks the game has begun and only the strong will survive..u all have wish u all the best and stay safe..

  16. Funny they where threatening shut down through Obama terms too all the facts

  17. The noisy wierd music is too intrusive and hinders absorption of the information. Not appropriate for a news broadcast

  18. Today a guy from work died of covid…first person I've known to pass on from the virus…as Americans we have little patience… perceived lost liberties emboldens people to act carelessly…grow up, follow the precautions…all of them!


  20. If this country is to be torn down and changed. It will be done by 210,000,000 PATRIOTS armed with 430,000,000 guns. To cleanse the U.S. off all HATERS and non citizens and restore the Constitution as law.

  21. Am I the only one crying??!!

  22. shut it down if we the people don't get stimulus shut it down permanently. shut it down.

  23. We can can govern ourselves better than these politicians can !! We NEED to get them out of office if they won’t listen to the voice of the people .ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  24. We Americans are being lied too. Demoncrats are lying to us to keep us scared and fearful.
    Demoncrat really want to shut down trying to steal this election.

  25. break out the guillotine, mitch needs to go first

  26. Does anyone wonder how much wealthier Mitch has become during the pandemic and why

  27. I don't think that what's understood right now is what's coming. It won't be to much longer that the food is going to run out. Farmers aren't farming. The idiots who got elected aren't qualified to run the country. All they're doing is waiting for the lobbyist to show up with the briefcase full of cash or the next insider trading tip to come in. It doesn't affect them so why would they care about you.

  28. Nobody but Trump wants the government to shut down. Trump himself would be very happy with the chaos.

  29. U.S. government shuts down, THROW out 45 and Mitch McConnell

  30. I think I hear someone speaking under that loud spooky music.

  31. <———————————————————– please do check out my YouTube Video on effects of Lockdown ^^

  32. <———————————————————– please do check out my YouTube Video on effects of Lockdown ^^

  33. <———————————————————– please do check out my YouTube Video on effects of Lockdown ^^

  34. The federal government needs to do two things IMMEDIATELY: 1) Increase the number of residency "slots" available each year by 25% or even 50% percent, and 2) ease the restrictions on foreign medical workers (nurses and doctors, especially) seeking work visas and immigration visas. We have a severe shortage of skilled medical personnel in this country, and doctors and nurses do not receive some magical, anti-corona virus amulet to protect them from getting sick themselves. If they are exposed to patients infected with the corona virus, they are potentially at risk of getting it themselves. And yet, the Trump administration has placed severe limits on work visas and immigration visas, and the very people we need right now are barred from entering the US. And even for those lucky few granted visas, state licensing rules are stacked against foreign-born and foreign-educated medical professionals making it very difficult for them to be licensed to work. There are tens of thousands of qualified medical doctors and nurses from Mexico, India, Central America, and various Middle Eastern countries are washing dishes and driving for Uber because they can't get a license to practice medicine or nursing. This is stupid beyond belief. Also, going back to the first point, Congress authorizes (and pays for) 115,000 residency "slots" each year, and yet this falls woefully short of the need for trained MD's in this country. Thousands of qualified medical school graduates holding valid state licenses to practice medicine cannot practice because almost all hospitals require residencies before a doctor is allowed "hospital privileges," effectively barring them from the practice of medicine. Even remedial level economics should tell you that artificially limiting the supply of a necessary commodity is going to result in an increase in the price for that commodity. And people then wonder why their medical bills (and health insurance) are so high. Notify your elected representatives in Washington that they need to change these two things!!

  35. The news are from 1995, but man that TV set (0:23) is from the 80's!! 😀 😀 😀

  36. Shut it down until they grow up.

  37. Diaper King Fat Donnie never lied. He said that he would make America Great Again. That's true. Greater in worldwide Covid19 cases and deaths, greater in Federal Deficit, greater in Disgrace, greater in Hate, greater in Divide. I am astonished with his promises.

  38. We need to follow what California is doing.. PA step up your numbers are exceeding the healthcare capacity now!

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