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What does the iPhone 11 Pro 'slofie' look like? | USA TODAY

We try to make ‘slofie’ happen with Apple’s new iPhone 11 Pro.
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Are ‘slofies’ the new selfie? We put the new feature found on the soon-to-be shipped iPhone 11 Pro to the test.

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  3. What the bloody he'll did I just watch?

  4. Apple keep making the same phones but bigger with features you don’t need

  5. Now,u have a reason to make weird faces!

  6. Young Orange is underrated!🔥
    Listen to him!

  7. My assumption is that Apple want to release a new design and new features but if they would release the new design, people would complain that there is no new features, and if they release new features but with the same design, people would again complain, so I think they want to release a new IPhone with new design and with new features combined

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