Thursday , August 11 2022

WHAT I BOUGHT IN PALM BEACH // Heatwave In the UK! // Fashion Mumblr Vlog

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What I’m Wearing:
Omega jewellery –
Floral dress (similar) –
Green stripe dress –
White sports bra –
Green leggings –
Visor (similar) –

Birdie Fortescue –
Philip Kingsley bond builder –
Oil reflection mask –
Aveda treatment foam – [USE CODE JOSIE FOR 20% OFF] Manucurist Green Flash kit – [USE CODE MANUCURISTJOSIE FOR 15% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER]

Heatless curler –
Amazon heatless curler –

Beauty Pie:
Mini body polish –
Leg & foot scrub –
Mini body crème –
Candle –
SPF lip balm –
Bronzer –
Makeup brush –

Farmacy night cream –

Gardening gloves –
Gardening bag –

Dior bracelet (similar) –
Tory Burch candle –
LoveShackFancy hat –
LoveShackFancy cardigan –
LoveShackFancy maxi dress –
Zimmermann Skirt –
Zimmermann trousers (similar) –
Aerin Rose de Grasse Joyful Bloom –

Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool™ Formaldehyde –

Amazon napkins –

Lavender Latte tutorial –

00:00 – Intro
01:00 – Garden Updates
08:26 – Walk & Local Food
10:55 – Pampering
22:24 – Deliveries
29:33 – Gardening
33:06 – Get Ready With Me
38:00 – What I Bought
46:13 – Trip To Oxford
47:34 – Start Of The Heatwave
50:46 – Making Lunch
52:55 – Diner In The Garden
53:58 – Workout
56:10 – In The Garden
59:45 – Lavender Latte Recipe

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  1. JOSIE! your bum! 😂🙈🙈 ❤️

  2. We’re also in the middle of a heat wave. I’m a little beside myself. Sitting in front of the AC watching you!

  3. You need to use a texturing spray or powder before you style your hair & it will hold any curls you try!

  4. ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿love the vid thank you for sharing

  5. Josie, I dare say you are shedding the most modest part of yourself. Lol I left the room and returned just in time to see you reaching across a plant in a lot of skin. Kudos, gurl!!

  6. This Zimmerman skirt! It says my name on it!!! Wonderful!

  7. Your garden is so beautiful. So was the items off gifts you bought on holidays. The lavender latte sounds delicious. 🥰

  8. very cheeky Josie! ☺️🤣☺️ from Florida 🇺🇸 loved all your Disney/Palm Beach videos (yes our heat can be just awful!)

  9. Also, for the lavender latte, you might try a bit of lavender essential oil. Doterra has a quality one that is appropriate for internal use. 💫

  10. Das sieht ja alles super aus, ich sehe eine wunderschöne Frau mit einer tollen Ausstrahlung und einer top Figur, ich wünsche dir weiterhin viel Erfolg und alles Liebe und gute 👍🔥😍🌹

  11. I’ve just recently found your Chanel,and I’m so glad I did.I made the Ocado Asparagus,pea and mint risotto that you made in one of your vlogs,and it was absolutely yummy.Loved your holiday vlog aswell xx

  12. Josie could I said you question? What the name of 8 ft hedges in your area? , the box fence hedges one that you trim because I want to plant in my house.please what the name?

  13. Love watching your vlogs starting watching as I have had chemo for breast cancer and had plenty of time to binge watch take care xx

  14. Aww I had missed your garden updates 😄
    What a fun seasonal restaurant! ( Also, wouldn't get those great prices in London!) Beautiful presentation, as well💫

  15. Today I had a few yellow squash, I boiled it after cutting into cubes and made mashed squash, much like mashed potato but so much more flavorful and with a bit of butter and a few tablespoons of grated Colby Jack cheese, I used a little of the water I boiled it in to make it creamier. So good and healthy!

  16. Josie where is your bikini top from please xx

  17. Hello Josie! Do you use the courgette flowers in your cooking? I didn't see you pick up any. They are a delicacy in Italian and Greek cuisine. Especially stuffed with cheeses and herbs. Just wanted to let you know in case you didn't know. You have a beautiful garden!

  18. I got those support rings from Amazon and I cannot believe how much my cucumbers are growing in the last 2 days. I think having the air going through the plants help. Thanks for recommending them to us! 😀

  19. Love the new cushions and coffee table! Such a lovely setting you and Charlie have created!

  20. What is the product you used on your hair ?

  21. very nice video so complete a vegetable garden in his garden like my father had it is excellent to pick delicious fresh vegetables it is a great gift that you have greetings from Spain

  22. I always enjoy your videos, Josie. Thank you for doing them and providing all the great info. One suggestion for you. . .UV gloves are available on Amazon for use when using a UV light to set your nail polish. They protect your hands from the aging UV light. Look forward to your next video.

  23. Aw Josie you did so well to make content while we were raging the heatwave. Thanks as always lovely. My first time growing salad and vegetables this year. Inspired by yourself and of course Lydia. Could you please let me know what seeds you will be planting next. I would love to continue through the Autumn too. X thank you

  24. Hello dear blogger, I have been following your YouTube channel for a long time. Your video style is very good, I really want to communicate with you in detail, learn relevant knowledge, and look forward to your reply。

  25. Being an Aussie we have this weather in summer it's so dangerous when it hits these temperatures nit good for anything.

  26. Why don’t you use the packaging from the farmacy delivery to put under your pumpkins 🎃

  27. Your patio is just the ideal spot so beautiful. Live your shopping!

  28. Love, love, love your garden and hair! The hair looks gorgeous hun😌

  29. Lol that Farmacy delivery was absolutely on the nose – skin care AND gardening in one parcel? That’s got Josie written all over it.

  30. Hi Josie such a lovely vlog. Your latte looked delicious but unfortunately the egg looked bad.🤣 Your garden is doing really well considering the heat wave you are in. I love sweet peas we have some that have come up in Winter they are white really pretty. I love all your vegetables they just look so good. The only vegetable l am growing at the moment is potatoes. Try and keep cool.💜💜

  31. Love a good one hour Josie vlog 😍 your pieces from your holiday are gorgeous!!! Loveeee 💗 and your hair looks beautiful xxx

  32. Your garden is heavenly Josie

  33. Oh dear Josie, your chest looks very sore , I’m surprised at you! SUNSCREEN!

  34. Nice video Josie! I grew up in Australia where we did the egg experiment in primary school to learn about sunscreen and sun damage. You crack the egg on the ground, put sunscreen on it and it cooks but is protected. Next time crack it on the ground, it'll cook for sure!

  35. Josie, your bikini bottoms at the end 😆, I hope there weren't too many flying beasties ready to land on the landing pads you'd provided!! LOL xx. Love the bits and pieces from Florida