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WHAT I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IN SPRING – my favourite things this season!
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La Mer hand serum:
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  1. Love your vloggs. So informative and just great to watch. Mindful and calming for me.

  2. You talk too much. Start showing the clothes or whatever immediately. I have you on the fastest speed and it still takes you a day, so to speak, to cover an item.

  3. Loved this video Josie!! Thank you for a Fantastic video!! xox!

  4. Loved the lipstick and such good info x

  5. Hi josie! Very nice Spring edit videos! I really like the Reiss suede jacket and skirt but they are fairly pricey, so hope they will still be in stock when on sales. PS Im using class pass Australia and am loving it too!

  6. Would love to see a video about your self tanning routine!

  7. again such a great video 🥰 you should definitely try the "AdeZ – rockin' rice drink" – my favorite plant based milk! 🥛🌱 xoxo

  8. Did you see Holly Willoughby wearing your pink /cream Reiss blouse. Wonder is she following you. 😂

  9. Yay love your seasonal edits! Can I request for you to do a video/blog post on natural skincare and beauty products? You've inspired me to think more about products I'm using and want to make sure they're as natural/eco friendly as possible.

  10. I noticed that one of the patterned skirts, with tiny pleats, you featured in your spring video was on the Reiss website (American version) with a marked down price for $180! So I thot I'd share that, as it is a Lovely skirt, that I like very much! It has a lovely drape & interesting fabric!

  11. Not sure if you have other followers in the US but today only Ulta Beauty has the St. Tropez purity mist for only $19. Unfortunately Ulta does not ship internationally.

  12. Hi Josie, great video! What phone case are you using at the moment? Love the color!

  13. 💗💗 the Eco Coffee cup, scrunchies & invisible bobbles (both are my fave, I wear them on a daily basis although I don’t own the Slip brand one) & paper mask. I want to buy a new reusable coffee cup from the Eco Coffee after watching your favourites video last time. They have many beautiful design.

  14. Loving tan is simply the best for me, but now i want to try out the saint tropez face mist! Did you already use bali body ? seems to be good aswell <3 LOVE the video

  15. Gorgeous video Josie. I love spring and the Liz Earle products are my favourites. I really love trousers in the spring they add a little something chic to your wardrobe x

  16. It is literally impossible to have cleaning products or cosmetics without chemicals; even water is a chemical.

  17. Winter and Fall are my favorite seasons but watching your videos have me looking forward and excited for Spring😊

  18. Josie i love you always stay sweet and classy hun much love❤🌸

  19. Grèat as always! Josie have you and Charlie ever used reusable coffee pods for your machine? Another great sustainable idea 😀

  20. Love watching your videos. I also like the reusable products you've been mentioning. Have you looked into any reusable cotton rounds for your beauty routine? Some of the bamboo styles seem nice.

  21. Can't wait for spring to arrive here in Quebec. Still so much snow and cold to deal with 😭

  22. Happiness is……..Josie and the best blogs 👠💗🌹💖💞💕🛍😉❤️

  23. Roses 🌹 was the best day for you

  24. All I keep thinking is how is it spring 🙈

  25. You are amazing. Producing so many videos this week.

  26. Thank you Josie for this very interesting video ❣️ and HAPPY SPRING, Happy Fashion Mumblr Spring Edit 🌸
    I am very pleased 💕👍 😊

  27. Love this and also love that you didn’t use OCD in regards to cleaning 👍🏻 so many people use it in totally the wrong context when it’s a disorder – well done you x 😘

  28. I’m coming to London (then off to Italy) in May, I’m struggling to decide what type of bag to bring with me. I dont want anything too big but needs to carry phone, wallet, passport, lippies etc. what would you suggest is a good travel bag that’s not too big and heavy. Greetings from New Zealand.

  29. Another great video Josie you are spoiling us. In keeping with sustainable products any suggestions on iPhone cases? Liking the colour of your one

  30. You've renewed my interest in mules .. so on the hunt for an amazing pair !! 🙂

  31. I've been loving that Valentino canvas bag as well! I grabbed it on mytheresa using the discount code you posted. Thank you for that!

  32. Thank you petals. I enjoyed your video tonight. I’m so looking forward to the next. I’ve learnt so much about self love and preservation this year thanks to you. Much love and blessings 🥰

  33. This was so amazing. I love all the pieces thanks for the video Josie!! What zodiac sign are you?

  34. “WHAT I CANT LIVE WITHOUT IN SPRING” – something warm to wear!

  35. I had a sensitive stomac so I tried lactosefree milk in my coffie…and it works. I can eat fruit, drink coffie and even wine witout getting a «sour» stomac. Very good that you include this in your video.

  36. Salam Hun, it's really good that you carry your own cutlery to help the environment but don't you think it's wrong to use so many flowers for decoration they are also used for one day. Plants feel pain must be kind to all living things.

  37. I love that you talk about more sustainable things. Cuttlery, cups and such. Most important thing and thank you for keeping everyone reminded.

    Also, if you hope to clean your home with out chemicals is to use lemonjuice, baking soda and vinegar. They all do wonders and internet is full of ways to clean with them.

    Love your videos!

  38. What a sunny spring day everything I try to buy is always sold out your style is too fabulous girl xxx

  39. P.s it seems the St.Tropez link is pointing me to Anthropology so you may want to fix that👍

  40. You are such a classy lady Josie. I admire how 'together' you are! 😊

  41. Hello darling,
    Really I can't be patient without seeing your videos😍
    Thanks ever so much…
    I liked so much handbag VLN ❤️❤️

  42. Happy first day of your favorite season. To celebrate I ordered the cat eye shaped tortoise sunglasses from Top Shop USA shown during one of your earlier spring videos. They are wicked cute and I can't wait to get them. Thanks.

  43. Hi Josie, another brilliant video! A long time ago in one of your videos you recommended Dr Sebagh tanning drops for the face. I bought the trial size for £15 and am very impressed with them. Love your knife fork spoon set!

  44. Josie, I desperately want to wear pink and white, but I look best in dark, dreary colors. In other words, I look off and almost weird when I'm wearing pink, etc. They're not my colors, but I want to wear them! Is there a way to style things so that white/pink/beige will actually look good on people like me?

  45. 💐🌸Happy spring enjoying all of your spring video's🌸💐

  46. I tried with Oatley milk when my acne was really bad, just as a precaution measure, it's really yummy! And good job on reusable products, it's such a positive aspect, I've been trying it myself more often as well! I've been loving Garnier Fresh-Mix tissue masks, they're amazing! And I discovered N°7 Revitalising Hot Cloth Cleanser, which is a close second to the Liz Earle one, it gets the job fabulously done!

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