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WHAT I DID + WORE IN BARCELONA // Fashion Mumblr Travel Vlog

WHAT I DID + WORE IN BARCELONA – a new travel vlog from our trip to Spain!
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  1. Hey Josie what was the place you stayed B&B?

  2. Maravilloso Josie! Sigo descubriéndote ….. fabulosa!

  3. oh wow you can speak Spanish :O
    awesome Josie ❤

  4. Too much meat in this vlog 🤮 please show some responsibility!

  5. Loved your video. I visited Barcelona myself with some friends after uni, where I vlogged to showcase how amazing the city truly is. Would love for anyone to check it out and let me know what you think, any sort of feedback would be amazing, thank you so much. Great work Josie, keep the videos coming.

  6. Your Spanish is awesome !!! Also I’m going in October ( next week actually) so hopefully what you said is true about the tourism not being as high. Thank you for this vlog !

  7. Josie, remember that in Barcelona people also speaks Catalan. Be respectful with that too 😉

  8. 16:15 MSC SEAVIEW Cruise ship between the tower and the church in the centre of the video

  9. Tu español es muy bueno 🙂

  10. So happy you're trying to reduce your plastic use! I would love to hear more about it in vlogs!

  11. Love the video.   How do you like the bag?   Can you carry this by the handle if you want?

  12. Your Spanish in so good. You’re so inspiring, Josie ☀️

  13. Thx Josie for the tips on Barcelona 👍🏾, as me & my friend are looking to go possibly in late September💃🏼

  14. Omg I loved this! I will be traveling to Barcelona and just got so much inspo for my vlog!! You’re the best!

  15. Look for a keep cup for to go drinks 😉

  16. Thank you for the tour Josie. I'll be arriving in Barcelona two weeks from today for my very first visit. I'll be traveling from Arizona (USA)!! I speak a little Spanish as Arizona sits along the Mexican border….I'm so inspired to use it after watching you. The Spanish that is spoken here is different than the Spanish in Spain, but I'm sure enough of it translates. Gracias Josie!!


  18. LOVED seeing you + charlie's cute little faces together. Cheers!

  19. Josie! Well done on the Spanish! I’m impressed! 😊❤️

  20. thank you so much for taking us along on your travels, places I other wise would never get to see. The huge church was so very beautiful. I love your videos as you are so thorough in every thing you seem to do. I will be 67 this coming Christmas & I am learning from you even at my age. Thank you for the OGX shampoo shout out. You look so very beautiful in all your lovely outfits they are so you so feminine. I use to wear dark clothing , but I have changed in the last few years I look & feel brighter wearing them . Have a lovely day !!

  21. Hi, you can practice Spanish with your mother. Of course, you have to be discipline, my first languages is not english, but I can tell you that I read english all the time, and I tried to speak your language. You speak spanish pretty good😉👍

  22. Had joined your little YouTube family of 65,000 a good while ago. (Was using my other YouTube account then).
    So so so happy to see you growing! You are always such an inspiration!
    Sending loads of love your way 🙂

  23. ¡Grande Josie! Hablas muy bien español 🤓 Pronto serás conocida como José en vez de Josie 😂

  24. hahahahaha I'm Spanish! I've really enjoyed hearing you speaking in Spanish!! Your videos are amazing! Loving them so much! xx

  25. It's Barcelona ! Why Spanish ? It's Catalunia ! Speak Catalan, Bon Dia !

  26. Congratulations on 300k 😁😁👍 Always a pleasure to watch your vlogs. Such a lovely young lady with such style and poise 💕

  27. Muy buen trabajo con tu español !! 😀 queremos ver lo que te compraste en Barcelona !! 😘

  28. Hi Josie hi from barcelona! Glad that you've enjoyed the city! I watch all of your videos! If you do come back in October, I'd like to invite you to join our Airbnb experience some time! https://abnb.me/mWScSXfhfP good luck! Xx

  29. Hablas muy bien español y apenas sin acento inglés! Keep up with the good work! Estoy contenta que te guste tanto nuestro país: tienes que venir a Mallorca. Kisses darling love love your vblogs

  30. Love this, I loved Barcelona this year, such a stunning place and I actually loved the open top bus haha! x

  31. Hablas muy bien español,te sigo desde hace tiempo y me encanta tu canal,un beso desde Málaga,Andalucía,España😘

  32. You sound so sexy! 😍

    Your pink dress looks so good on you!

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