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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY // SUSTAINABLE & Healthy Home Made Food // Fashion Mumblr

what I eat in a day – the fairly healthy, low plastic sustainable version!
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* this video includes a paid for advertorial with my faves ; BareMinerals *

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What I’m wearing
Sports bra:
Leggings (similar):

White dress (similar):

bareMinerals Original Foundation:
bareMinerals Beautiful finish brush:
bareMinerals Shade & diffuse eye brush:
Mini Real Techniques brush:
bareMinerals Endless Summer Bronzer –
bareMinerals Seamless shaping & finish brush:
bareMinerals brow pencil:
bareMinerals Bounce & Blur palette (Dusk):
bareMinerals Lashtopia Mascara –
bareMinerals Bounce & Blur blush:

WelleCo Nourishing Protein:
Jamie Oliver Veg recipe book:

Reusable cotton pads:
bareMinerals cleansing oil:

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  1. I swear my dog can hear me switch to camera mode on my phone! Haha
    He never fails to move positions when I turn my camera on.


  3. Josie i love you but is that a plastic tuppaware box

  4. Love your daily vlogs equally as much as your travel vlogs. The Thermomix looks awesome so may check those out. Hope the boys are ok, love them to bits xx

  5. your diet is devoid of nutrients. try keto or carnivore

  6. You look stunning after you did your make up Hun x

  7. I have gone a year without dairy because it gave me excess mucus among other things I admire your decision to cut dairy out as well.

  8. I love the Bare Minerals Original as well. It is so natural looking but still does the job of foundation. I find it keeps a glow going but it isn’t oily looking. Have you tried the Bare Minerals Pro in the pressed powder compact? I would love to hear what you think about it. I love the ease of a compact but have to admit I think the original pot is still better. Love your makeup looks so am off to look at the new collection. Thanks for your videos!

  9. Great What I Eat in a Day–loved seeing how your diet has evolved since the last one! I used to use the Bare Minerals powder foundation but then switched to the Complexion Rescue gel cream, which I prefer. It's a bit more glowy, and it has squalane, which is amazing for dry skin and anti-aging. You should definitely give it a whirl!

  10. Purchases the bare minerals foundation and bronzer, and got a free bounce blush with the order! Thank you for the recommendations!

  11. That coffee maker uses one use coffee capsules, not really sustainable. Other than that I love this video ❤️

  12. I'd love to see a what I eat video from you that doesn't include the thermomix, not all of us can afford luxury items such as a thermomix. Great video otherwise xxx

  13. This was a lovely video from you however I was surprised to see so little veggies. I love that you try to not buy food that comes in plastic, I really value that in you.

  14. Love these kind of homey daily vlogs

  15. How do you take care of your body ??
    I hope you tell us your weekly routine to take care of your body
    Love you ❤

  16. Boiling basil leaves and adding shampoo looked like a healthy alternative to a chemical toner for your hair when i saw it on 5 minute crafts – sticking with the sustainable theme, maybe something to try out

  17. Thank you for sharing this video with us! Its wonderful! xoxo

  18. I love your videodls, very positive, I have to try the bare minerals but unfortunately not possible to buy in my country have to find some site to order it from, its a shame cult beuty does not have it in their selection. Also love how you are trying to reduce the waste and plastic usage. I myself am a huge zerowaste believer, having no spemd year this year helped me to reduce my waste significantly. Maye a little easy tip you can incorporate is not touse coffe makers which use those small plastic coffe bullets, there is a lot of plastic. There are amazimg coffemakers where you can prepare coffe from fresh coffe an it tastes so much better!

  19. I love your natural makeup. I’ll be purchasing Bare Minerals foundation very soon. Thank you!

  20. I am compelled to offer information that most are looking for, how to correctly eat. I highly recommend getting to know of Valter Longo, PhD who is the director of The Longevity Institute, USC and director of the study of aging in Milan They have conducted research for decades on stem cell activation, slow aging, fight disease and how to optimize weight. It all boils down to food, it truly is medicine. "The Longevity Diet" is the foundation of why you are hearing about fasting "all of a sudden". But there is a lot more to the diet than those wishing to make a profit will tell you. The research data is out, 30 years worth, and he has figured out the best way to "tick" your body into thinking you are on a fast, only has to be done twice a year, and you fast daily just by waiting 12 hours between the last meal of the day to the first of the next. You can eat at 9pm at night no problem, just wait until 9am the next day! For those of you struggling about meat consumption, the data is empirical, feel free to learn about what he says. Dr. Longo receives ZERO dollars from the book, it goes back into research. I suggest pulling up his name on youtube and have a listen for yourself. You will know the real truth about eating! Hope everyone learns something that will benefit their health!

  21. Thanks for sharing. Also all of the BM tips and information. Did you like the chocolate smoothy? You said you were gifted and first time trying.

  22. So happy to see the boys again 😉 I have never heard of Tiger Nuts, apparently they are a great super food!
    I found an elegant Youtube channel called " #Downshiftology ", mostly for healthy recipes. You might be interested in the "Vegetable Sheet Cutter" episode on how to turn vegetables into ribbons and some spiralizing for low carb vegetable recipe ideas! There's also a tutorial or two on making nut milk for those who want to try it at home

  23. Great video, nice and down to earth. Love to see more of these.

  24. That looks Delicious and , yummy Delicious !!!***

  25. I eat mostly fish and chicken the only red meat I eat is Lamb and, I eat that in the winter time twice a month !!!!!****add least you're trying ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  26. Such a great video! Would love to see more daily vlogs😙

  27. I like a lot this eco-conscious eating 🙂

  28. Thank you so much for sharing your tips on a more sustainable lifestyle Josie! Definitely a refreshing change to see people making change by change to try to reduce their waste 🙂

  29. You look.beautiful with or without makeup wow

  30. Enjoyed this video, Josie. I use Bare Mineral products and love them!

  31. hy Josie ! Does Bare mineral original foundation settle into pores ?? xoxo

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