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What is the status of John Durham's probe of Russia investigation?

K.T. McFarland and former federal prosecutor Jim Trusty discuss the future of John Durham’s probe on ‘The Evening Edit’. #FoxBusiness

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  1. They could always do whatever they wanted to anyone. We just tried to not notice. Untill rock bottom nothing ever changes. Also Biden is hiring those folks cause they are who he knows.

  2. Jim, what do you think? You flippin moron. John Solomon said clearly what the Declass revelations came out to be. It's a LIE. A Hoax. President Trump was set up. Down with the deep state. There is a reckoning coming. It can't come fast enough

  3. There are thousands of criminals running our government the judges in there pockets there is no justification for any these people will have to take it back I pray the military don’t stand up for them and brake there oath to the contusion

  4. I think people who break the law
    And out of offices
    And what have not pay for they punishment
    Should not been
    Put back into offices
    That should be a law
    Of the country
    A Binden is putting back these people
    In offices

    The republican
    Should pass a law
    To stop this from happen

    They should be punish
    And face jail time
    Like any one else
    They are not above the law

    And should not been put back in offices

    That need to be stop
    Fast very fast
    They are destroying the republican party

    Look at them
    Sell out they party

    So how can you trust them
    Never trust them
    Kick them out
    They can do it again
    You do it once
    You can do it twice

    Kick them out
    You need new blood into your party
    Stand up

  5. No justice. Durham and barr are swamp creatures.

  6. Lindsey Graham has announced that he is withholding some of the material. The Clinton/Podesta e-mail drop to Wikileaks started the Russian fiction retaliation probe. Graham has always sworn that the wikileaks dump came from Russia. Time to declass the Seth Rich case and look at his laptop, which remains in FBI custody. Then Pardon Assange!

  7. Doesn’t matter what evidence u bring to court when they already have the judges in their pocket

  8. President reject Biden requested short version of inauguration. He wants to sit on the Durham Probe several times a day.

  9. Blah blah blah what a waste of time specially with a democratic Administration you think Merrick Garland is going to be impartial

  10. President Trump took an oath to honor and defend the United States Constitution and he is keeping his promise. God bless President Donald J. Trump, the BEST PRESIDENT EVER and most of all the People's president.

  11. Big Tech cartel is an invisible National Threat. It can overturn a legitimate Government as it has happened with President Trump. Chinese Model – buy Big Tech, Opposition Parties, Courts, main Media to invade a country.

  12. How could it take so long to prove something to self-evident

  13. FBI take a week to get te WH rioters but taken 4 years to still not get Comey

  14. i think it was a scandal o hide hillarys email jim what do you think blah blah blah it was all bs why do they just talk someone needs to take action and we all know it the impeachment the covid virus all fake these idiots in congress and the media big tech need to go to jail they broke laws its enough

  15. 4+years of investagations, and not one arrest-!!! Ya, Ya, Ya I've heard this for 40 years, just swamp talk-!!! It doesn't matter if it's democrats or republicans, THE BIG MONEY PEOPLE RULE THIS NATION-!!!

  16. Our government is completely corrupt and evil

  17. Lindsey Graham got elected riding Trumps coattails. I got so many requests from him asking for money using Trump's name. Then he congratulates Biden on the success of his fraudulently "won" election.!!! Nauseating!!!

  18. Nothing will happen this is theatre.

  19. Their will never be justice.

  20. If Democrats take over then it will all be swept under the rug.

  21. 5 years no convections at 50 million that we the us taxpayers will pay for what

  22. Thank you for pointing out the Biden is appointing the Same Criminals that Obama had….

  23. This is a delusional distraction. President Biden is President and the Dems have the Senate and the House. Move on get back to reality.

  24. The Durham report will NEVER see the light of day !!. Anyone who believes otherwise is naive in the extreme.

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