Monday , September 27 2021
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What REALLY happens on a Blogger Press Trip! #TCAinLanzarote | Fashion Mumblr Every Day May

Cocktails, Tapas & Broken Down Buses – here’s what REALLY happens on a Blogger Press Trip! A group of 8 of us were flown to Lanzarote by Thomas Cook Airlines to discover the island, here’s what we got up to!

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  1. I loved watching your Lanzarote videos. I just returned from a 10 cruise to the Canary Islands and we spent a day in Lanzarote. It was amazing!!!

  2. Please, what camera did you use for this?

  3. Personally one of my favorite travel vlogs … the scenes of just natural goofiness mixed with the behind the scenes makes this unique and so fun to watch.
    It would be lovely if you could do something similar again, to offset your other (also lovely) travel vlogs

  4. The drone footage was spectacular! I am totally addicted to these every day May vids! You have such an exciting life! Always off somewhere! Ooh and also you now have a well deserved 19K subscribers as opposed to 18K as you state in the video! Xx

  5. Wow that drone footage was pretty spectacular. That puppy dog was so cute, glad she cheered you up. Is not nice to feel homesick. Loving the behind the scenes of bloggers and what they do 😀 xx

  6. 0.45 min, "Obviously Lanzarote is a volcanic country…"
    You mean it's an island!!! The country is Spain! 😢

  7. Impressive Spanish Josie! You are missing your gorgeous boys – enjoy being back at home. Loving Everyday May ❤️

  8. Aw I get your homesickness, sometimes it just happens! Loved that a dog turned up just at the right moment to cheer you up. Loving everyday may! Your vids are always so original as well 🙂

  9. OMG that drone footage is amazing! Why are they so expensive?! Lol, I'd love one to take out in the desert hiking with me. Great video as always. 🙂

  10. Yaaaas love this vlog it's so beauts xxx

  11. Hi Josie, enjoyed blog, outfits looked great, don't worry everyone misses home sometimes you were prob just over tired, hope all ok now your back home. Sandie xx

  12. Great video. I get homesick too and it's not very nice.😢 hope you're back home and relaxing now.xx

  13. I'd love a drone!!! Be amazing for when you go on holiday. Great Vlog huni xx

  14. Pls let me know where is your eye necklace from it's so so beautiful..

  15. I absolutely love your youtube! I have just subscribed. I have recently started my own youtube channel, do you have any tips? thank you x

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