Thursday , September 16 2021
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What To Do If You Get An Eviction Notice

3.6 million Americans say they will likely have to leave their homes in the next two months due to eviction. NBC News’ Maura Barrett shares tips on what to do if you’re facing an eviction notice. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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What To Do If You Get An Eviction Notice


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  1. You imagin the salary of this contry is to low in the people reciving 250 dolars month and they need to pay food house water electric and that salary dont give him and they cant pay somthing like this case

  2. What to do? GET TF OUT

  3. Extra 600 dollars a week unemployment benefits plus state benefits both for over a year and government back rent assistance and stimulus checks 3400. plus all other Pandemic benefits and people still didn't pay their rent even though the government gave them the money, because the government banned evictions so people take advantage of it and spent the money other places free food free housing free money no work what did they think would happen.

  4. Oh gosh …. Go get a job people!

  5. How are they gonna pay a lawyer if they can't pay rent..🙄🤔

  6. revolution is coming, innocent and guilty will not be spared the mob horde and we deserve it

  7. Sue the govt including Congress they are the ones who is responsible for the shut down which leaded people to become evicted

  8. I have a wonderful idea I would put eyes with mascara design for the skateboard and Olympic rings we say I love you in sign language 🤟🖤🏅
    It's really about our beautiful makeup because the guys won't break our skateboard. I'm the Goddess! Let's celebrate on Girl Power. I'm still working for Life and the Suns! Love ya bye 💖😂

  9. Go to the private residence of your Republican Senator or Representative. Force your way into their home. Apparently, that's okay. Kind of a 1/6 party.

  10. So you can afford an attorney at 175-300 dollars an hour on average but you can’t pay the rent? Does anyone else see the flaw in that logic?

  11. Nice how they try to promote this last minute lol. Yet most of these sites are shutdown til monday. It's all a game lol

  12. So the advice they give is get an attorney. LOL. If they have money for an attorney they can pay their rent. Ever been to an eviction hearing? NO ONE has an attorney because attorneys don't work for free and everyone there is being evicted because they don't have money for rent. Don't have money for the bus? That's OK, you can always buy a Rolls Royce and get around in that.

  13. Hum, Have your Governor get you a bus ticket to a red warm coastal state! I think that is a great idea!

  14. winter going to be cold

  15. And who helps the landlord and the Mortgage????

  16. I tell you Trump didn't have American people evicted like trash. Go to Washington and protest. What is all this investigation on the Jan. 6th Insurrection about?

  17. if you couldn't pay your rent, you probably couldn't afford a lawyer.

  18. If the Government didn't shut down the economy, we wouldn't have this problem….

  19. Get a job and pay your back rent

  20. Evil enjoys the suffering that they made happen and pretends to want to HELP ! INSANE

  21. If you can't afford to pay rent, then maybe you shouldn't be renting in the first place. End of story!

  22. this story is missing the point.
    Landlords want to evict in order to sign new tenants with a higher monthly rent.
    meanwhile the new tenants will get help but for more profit to the landlords
    greed is what is moving people out.

  23. If you get an eviction notice just keep living there for free because everyone knows the USA is the land of the free….not!

  24. Very simple, start packing!

  25. How many pigs and whores THERE ARE in Baltimora city and Hinterland? Out the names… AH AH AH AH AH

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