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What we know about Breonna Taylor’s death in police shooting l Nightline

Taylor was in bed when police arrived at her door as part of an investigation into Taylor’s ex-boyfriend. In the next crucial moments, Taylor was killed and Sgt. Jon Mattingly was shot in the leg.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. This story forgot to mention all of the criminal activities both of these individuals did which led to their death.

  2. Bottom line if you mess up fess up not cover up .

  3. She was involved in selling drugs, lost her job because a dead body was found in her car. She was not the saint everyone thought she was.

  4. Really..? Only 18k views after 4 days. This is sad. This world needs to wake up!

  5. If he wasn’t shooting at the ground, how did he get hit in the leg? 🤨

  6. Officer said, " he was looking down the barrow of the gun in pitch black", Kenny said "he shot towards the ground". The officer was shot in the leg 🤔 whose telling the truth? "Me Me Me " I got it Kenny

  7. California Curfew Protests Huntington Beach Covid-19

  8. "TRUMP 2020"~ Breonna Taylor

  9. I don’t understand. He says they were playing uno and was getting sleepy so they went to bed. Shortly then there was a knock at the door not once but 3 times. Now my thing is why not just answer the door? They had just laid down so I’m finding it difficult to believe that they were in such a deep sleep that they couldn’t hear all them knocks and screams at the door. And to top it off he had no right to even be holding a gun. Protecting yourself or not he didn’t have the right to being pointing that gun. It’s a very sad situation, I think Brianna got caught up in the middle of her boyfriends drama.and he got scared thinking it was something else.

  10. These incompetent police officers need to be held accountable for thier action! Just like every one else. That takes a life irresponsibly! RG

  11. The cop wanted to get home to his family.
    By killing a man's family who was going to bed?!

  12. Why there wasn't a massive ditch Mitch movement is beyond me😒It has to change from the top down.

  13. The dude even said they knocked….now the real question is who shot first.

  14. You had a ex-boyfriend who is suspected of selling drugs. A man was shot eight times in a car you rented. Your let your ex use your address to receive suspected illegal materials. And he claims you are handling his dirty money. These facts make you a highly dangerous person of interest yourself already. And when police came to search your apt, your current boyfriend even shot at police in pitch dark first. The current boyfriend even lied to the police, claiming that it's the girl who shot at police(a very disgusting lie) after she is dead. I think the two boyfriends are who put this girl in huge danger, and she should reflect on her choices of partners. And nobody even cares to criticize these two boyfriends. U.S. becomes to miss the sense of integrity. The policemen's fatal action doesn't exonerate this girl and his two boyfriends's very bad behaviors, and possibly crimes.

  15. To have an entire police force lie on you… that should be so tough to deal with. And it's so clear they lying their asses off.

  16. USA is the Land of the Free? Not in Trumps USA.

    Ask the First Nations if they think so.

    Ask Blacks when they see Police and Karen.

    Ask Chinese when you laugh and say Chinese Flu. "Enough is enough" Zhang Jun.

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