Sunday , August 1 2021
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What You Need To Know About The China Tariffs That Are About To Kick In | NBC Nightly News

Starting Sunday, 98 percent of goods coming in from China will be tariffed. With everyday items like food, diapers and sporting equipment included, U.S. consumers are expected to be hit especially hard. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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What You Need To Know About The China Tariffs That Are About To Kick In | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Maybe I could buy a product not made in China.

  2. Maybe he could buy those bikes from somewhere else.


  4. Stupid orange guy wanting to win a fight at the expense of ordinary Americans. Staunch supporters better wake up in 2020 before the whole country go down the drain.

  5. The tariffs are not that big. Things are still cheaper than when they were made in America.

  6. A simple example. I buy a product in China for $100 dollars that I sell in the U.S. for $110. Trump slaps a 10% tariff on that product. It now costs me $110 dollars. I sell the product for $120 ($110 plus $10) passing the cost of the tariff to consumers. China reacts by devaluing (making the Yuan weaker so I get more Chinese goods for my dollar) their currency so that instead of it costing me $100 dollars the product costs me $90 dollars. I pay a 10% tariff on this new cost. So now it costs me $100 dollars (rounded up from $99 dollars). I sell the product for $110. Who paid the cost of the product? Well technically I did but my costs did not change. Who really paid the tariff? It's obvious the Chinese did by lowering the value of their currency. To date the Chinese have devalued their currency by 15%. Expect this to increase to 30% to fully offset the tariffs.

  7. NBC fake news
    we are tired of your mainstream social engineering

  8. China doesn't need to live

  9. China is the cancer cell of the earth

  10. Why must you exist china

  11. So China's response:
    Tariffs on US beef/pork/soybeans.
    Really? On food? I guess we can just eat it ourselves, maybe sell to other countries for cheaper/build relations. I wish your poor, rural populations the best while they try subsisting on your chief exports: low quality toxic products made from plastic.

  12. China could very easily borrow against its economy and immediately flood the market with discretionary cheap currency (as in China would lend to any country in the world except the United States)…essentially plunging America into a freefall depression…and…while at the same time…stimulate unbelievable economic global activity…which essentially could destroy US economic growth from foreign countries. This wouldn't be just a 'decade thing' to fix…this would bankrupt the United States over generations.

    There's enough money to literally modernize an entire third world country with more than one major metropolis in a build time of under 20 years. Whereas the United States would suffer for multiple generations.

    China always had the upper hand with Republican Donald Trump. No other Republican would they dare.

  13. Expect homelessness to continue to skyrocket as a result of this. Most of us are struggling enough already as it is. I've been stuck living in my dad's kitchen for years.

  14. Biased one sided interview. Companies that continue to source from China are dumb to continue doing that with the Tariffs. Smart companies have already sourced from alternative places and these companies are where the consumer will go to! Consumers always look for the best deal.

  15. Chinese authorities have let the yuan’s exchange rate depreciate by about 15 per cent against the US dollar since the onset of the US trade conflict in March of last year and will continue to devalue this currency until it fully offsets Trump's tariffs.

  16. American Bike named ??? That's the next Millionaire!!!

  17. Long gold. Short- pork, chicken and soy beans.

  18. Trump tariffs I going to eat up any little tax break he gave to the average American

  19. Stop relying on cheap Chinese goods. Americans reaped the benefits now created a monster. Need to think long terms and get out of China indefinitely.

  20. Interesting.  Do Americans pay the tariffs or is this a Chinese cost as Trump argues? The Chinese have offset most of the tariffs by lowering the cost importers pay for Chinese goods through subsidies and also through currency manipulation.  If the Chinese give you money to pay the tariffs (through subsidies and currency manipulation) is it correct to argue that importers are paying the tariffs? Technically yes, but not really as a lot of your costs are offset by these lower costs. Also these same companies pay lower labor costs, no environmental costs, no union costs, no labor benefits, etc. So part of the tariffs are paid by importers though expect many importers to raise prices (using the argument that they are now paying tariffs) passing the FULL tariff cost to the American consumer and blame Trump when they are not paying this full cost. Also ask yourself did the U.S. importer lower prices for American consumers when Trump dropped their ANNUAL tax rate by 40%? No, of course not.

  21. So if the tariffs are effecting import and export. Can you still adopt from China if you are an American.

  22. Get some guts spoiled Americans–stand up to predatory dictatorship China! You might have to go without–get tough! Don't know if Dems get it but decent & legitimate American citizens do.

  23. 1 yuan equals 14 cents us the median income in china is 20 thousand yuan the median income in the us is close 50 thousand dollars do the math this slave labor

  24. Your little bike shop means nothing against the jobs that have been lost to slave labor in china

  25. What You Need To Know About The China Tariffs: Stop buying Chinese junk.

  26. Going to win?! I thought you had won long time ago. It is to win.

  27. Quit BS around Trump and Just stop all trade with china. Pleeeeeeeeeese!

  28. Just hang on man. There will be bumps in an attempt to correct unfair trade with China. Everyone has to be flexible, adapt and make changes

  29. After a long time just peeped in to see if some sense had gone into the fake news crooks. My dog's tail will straighten before that. Fake media is so sure that the people are so dumb they will swallow their lies if they keep on repeating for years non stop.

  30. Current US trade policy towards China and others IMHO is not much different than a Ransom Virus. Trump would be happy if somebody pays the bill regardless who they are.

  31. Watch "🔴 Exiled Chinese Billionaire's Accusations of China (w/ Guo Wengui & Kyle Bass) | RV Classics" on YouTube

  32. I cannot stand Trump or Republicans, but bringing home manufacturing job and growing micro and small industries is what is required for a healthy economy…

  33. Never Underestimate Americans MAGA

  34. Is this about Ivanka not getting her clothing sold in China?

  35. It’s a simple fact that any nation who consumes more than it produces will fail.

  36. Well, that's not good news for the potential sales of tomi lahrens freedom athleisure, ivankas clothing maga hats, trump straws, towels, shirts, etc… sad

  37. Hey, trade wars are easy to win! Yep, that’s what the stable genius says. US farmers have already lost huge chunks of their Asian markets and won’t get them back soon, if ever. And it certainly looks like we're in for another dose of trump style socialism with yet another (this will be #3 and counting) $16 billion bailout for farmers!!! Alas the Blue States are having to put out for Red States for the decisions of a president elected by the Red States.

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