Tuesday , November 24 2020
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'What's Adam Schiff trying to hide?': Scalise

Rep. Steve Scalise, (R-La.), discusses the impeachment inquiry.

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  1. Adam, The Queefer, Schiff…

  2. They need to rest him have him charged with treason then make an example out of him so none of these others will try this America sees what's going on Trump 20/20

  3. I want them to keep doing exactly what they are doing because I truly believe that they are helping conservative politicians more than anybody by making themselves look foolish bias and unfair

  4. I think this whole thing is something they came up with to get trump out! It’s all premeditated and the so called whistleblower is an anti trump hack created by Schiff

  5. How is any of this legal??? Am I gonna have to start arresting people?? Any helpers?? Heehee!

  6. It's Hillary!!!?!!!!!! Hahaha

  7. Hes trying to hide his lies.but they keep coming out to haunt him.

  8. Schiff should be slapped in his sissy face.

  9. It is simply "Reversal of the Burden of Proof" fallacy…the Dems are 100%guilty of years of corruption and are hiding it. They are only shouting to gullible, sectarian or partisan minded people who blindly trust them…it's disgusting and people are tiring of their whining and moaning and groaning like the two year old Adam's apple shifty Schiff….

  10. You can tell calling the impeachment inquiry a "kangaroo court" is an official Republican party strategy to influence public (MAGA) opinion against Trump impeachment. What a bunch of Trump s$&t eaters.

  11. Can senate file for impeachment of Schiff? or…just waiting for a visit from Horowitz, Barr, Durham on the way to Gitmo?

  12. Adam Stiff will say, now listen here u, make something up, our Russian Collusion burger didn’t work, we tried it for 2 years, now this is our only chance because we can’t beat Trump in 2020, don’t worry about Biden n his son, MSNBC & CNN, will push your testimony to their little amount of viewers, that will take the focus of them and keep it on Trump. That’s why we’re keeping the public n the Republicans from hearing n seeing this, we want to help u with your story, please cry and look devastated, that really works for Nancy P..

  13. Where are all you pussies going to be when you find out the whistleblower was actually a GREAT AMERICAN PATRIOT?
    Hiding like the low intelligence dorks you are.

  14. We need a vote in the House.

  15. Hillary got away with it. Kerry,Comey,etc. On and on and on …

  16. That's because Schiff's a punk


  18. He’s trying to hide his mouth so maybe people cant see what he’s saying,, truth is, he lies everytime he opens his mouth!!

  19. I hope people start to understand what is going on… what keeps shifty going on : first it will keep him out of prison and second this is a communist coup …PREPARE ..they will not stop …CIVIL WAR to them means nothing except means to an end ..NUCLEAR EVENT means nothing to these people… ..many of these folks have been this way for years and some their entire life …to admit that you have been fooled for so many years and your whole existence worthless will not see many taking this leap… it would take mkUltra to change their minds or rather wipe their memory and replace it with something else…

  20. The real deal, China has infiltrated America and buying us out of everything quiet as its kept and they hate trump is stopping it

  21. Go figure, Schiff is married to George Soros daughter.

  22. Schiff is going to read the questions they say the whistleblower is supposed to answer,And it is all a lie,
    This committee should be shut down and those leading it should be jailed for attempting and illegal coup on a sitting President

  23. We should impeach everyone that's been towing this impeachment sham from the start.

  24. How can somebody defend themselves from the invisible man, if there's a whistleblower he has to testify, no ifs and or buts,

  25. Schiff is acting a lot like Comey they seem like they would be friends

  26. Schiff should be imprisoned for his actions…

  27. Like everything else, much ado about nothing.

  28. The report claim SCHIFF is involved with the LIDDLE CHILDREN'S FOUNDATION (pedophilia)and what happens at the Standard Hotel. Is this what he's trying so hard to hide?

  29. ADAM SCHIT is the type of person that you can have one quick glance at and know that there is something not quite right there,,how do these people live with themselves??Does evil have that much of a grip on them?? What did ADAM SCHIT do to be compromised??Clear your conscience Mr Schit!!

  30. Yeah, what is going to be done to stop Schiff and liars like that, ha?

  31. If they can inpeach trump then why can't we get shifty out? That's stupid.

  32. of COURSE schiff doesn't want the whistle blower to testify. If he testifies then the RNC can cross examine and schiff will be exposed as the person who actually wrote the report.

  33. I'm not a huge Adam Schiff fan but he has more integrity in his little pinky than the entire Republican party!!

  34. do you remember the democrats lines with kavenaugh they said if he was innocent why would he not want an investigation now apply it to schitt if this is impeachment is above board why try and hide everthing. The Democrats are nothing but lizards and snakes. Trump drained the swamp and now Americans get to see the lizards and snakes in plane view. They have been hiding in the swamp for over 50 years

  35. Schiff don't want to see or hear the outcome of the Ukraine investigation. but it seems some of the Democrats Party are involved in Ukraine too. WoW

  36. In my opinion the people of the United States of America should be able to vote the congress people out if we feel they are not doing their job not next year but now remove them and their outrageous benefits they should have the same medical as the rest of us and a reasonable retirement not full pay for the rest of their life

  37. Will somebody PLEASE ask him exactly what happened at The Standard Hotel?
    The one in West Hollywood, where they had all that muriatic acid. Yeah, that one.
    The one who's manager was killed in the helicopter crash. Yeah, that one.


  39. I live in NYC I saw Schiff and Nadler sitting at a table in a Restaurant .Schiff was Crying and Nadler was trying to console him .

  40. Demo_rats your acting just like the KGB.this is America everyone deserves equal rights including the Republicans going around like communist not allowing a vote rounding up people interrogating them behind closed doors is wrong controlling the media information it's call propaganda there another communist tactic this is not a Kangaroo court it's a communist court without equal representation.

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