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WHAT'S NEW IN MY WARDROBE // April 2019 // Fashion Mumblr

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H&M Floral Dress (yellow + green flowers) –
Short Floral Dress (green + pink flowers) –
White Silk Tee –
Pink Silk Tee –
White Scallop Dress –
Pearl Hair Clips :
Ones I’m Wearing –
Short White Floral Dress –
Long White Floral Dress –
White Cigarette Trousers –
Reiss Pink Floral Dress –
Reiss broderie blouse –
Reiss cream trousers –
Reiss broderie top –
Blush Pink ASOS Dress –
ASOS Broderie Dress –
ASOS colourful playsuit –
Topshop Satiny Jumpsuit –
Tory Burch Dress –
Sweaty Betty Gym –

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  1. Nice.sometime a nice dress make the whole day so cheerful

  2. Honestly H&M has so many beautiful pieces this season, it's so hard to resist to shop more!

  3. Hi Josie, can you tell me what is the white trousers brand you wear with the pink silk tshirt? Thank u so much . I really like all your outfits 🙂

  4. Can you give us some insight on how to clean these clothing , besides dry cleaning which is quite expensive. Thank you!

  5. I know you are gifted a lot of pieces and or are working with brands….but hope you can keep it real….and be maybe a little more constructively critical of items….ex….fabric…construction….fit….too flimsy?…..wears poorly….etc etc….otherwise your channel is just all about selling selling selling ….which is a bit boring

  6. Omg the H&M trousers 😍!! So many things I absolutely loved. I literally screamed at the tv, I was so excited 😃😍🤩👙👚👖

  7. Is the sweaty Betty code still up?

  8. Hi beautiful! What do you wear under the silk T-shirts from H&M? I’m trying to find something to cover my bra.
    Thank you!

  9. Love your bow shoes the ones you was wearing with your blue floral dress where did you get them from thank you x

  10. Guys bought the white scalloped dress. It is gourgious quite ( order two size down). Love love ❤

  11. Hello! Love you and your style – highlights of my week when your videos go up! Where do you/everyone else get their camis that they wear underneath sheer blouses from? I’m struggling to find ones that aren’t too bulky/don’t ruche up! X

  12. I love that short floral dress from H&M! I bought it myself, but I'm not sure how to wear it… As in, It is very seethrough, which is an issue. I don't mind people seeing my bra, I can just wear a white one and I'll be fine. The issue is bottoms, what would you recommend to wear underneath it? I was thinking maybe white shorts or so…

  13. Gym wear pockets are for the locker keys in the gym change-rooms!! Or at least thats what they are for in Australia:) love ur videos!! Great style:) xxx

  14. Love the pieces you’ve shown – going forward could you state what size you’re wearing as I bought the white floral dress from H&M last week and it was huge, I had to return and size down 2 sizes – also the dress is very see thru so not sure what to wear underneath?

  15. My fave was the Reiss long dress 💕. Gym locker key pocket!

  16. hi, what bra style are you wearing under the silk top, i like that it more shape & coverage. thank. you

  17. Hi Josie, please where do you buy your bras from? Can you do a video of lingeries and bras please. I know they are quite personal 🙏🏾

  18. Hey Josie,Hi . Inspired by your H and M haul I too visited H and M and did some shopping.I particularly fell in love with those pastel floral dresses and skirts ,loved floral pants too.

  19. It is called insertion (lace, or binding, whatever placed between two fabrics without overlap of the fabrics).

  20. Any chance you can share where you get your undergarments from?

  21. Love these pieces thanks for the video Josie. Shein has some amazing pearl clips as well.

  22. Please offer everything to a charity shop before it goes into landfill.

  23. love your simple elegant style I have been buying some of the pieces you show and now I am in love with Asos satiny jumpsuit but could not find it on Asos can you send me the link to the jumpsuit please.

  24. Enjoyed your video this morning! You probably already know about this but be sure to check with your vet regarding the oils you are defusing. Some oils are poisonous to animals and we are seeing information where animals have died as a result of defusing essential oils in the home. I love using them but was alarmed when I read about this. Please google/research and check with your vet and I hope your followers read and check on this also. We need to spread the word! Wishing you the very best!❤️

  25. You could get a piece of offcut from the hem and sew it into the low neckline for the perfect rose dress.

  26. I love the look, design, and tailored fit of your Reiss floral dress, H & M scalloped dress, and Asos jumpsuit.

  27. No pain, no champagne… I like it 🙂 Sportswear and a bit of neon colours are a good combination.

  28. Hi Josie! Love your videos!! Can you please tell us where did you get your white boots? Kisses from France 🙂

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