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WHAT'S NEW IN MY WARDROBE // For Autumn / Fall / October 2019. // Fashion Mumblr

WHAT’S NEW IN MY WARDROBE // For Autumn / Fall
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White blouse –
Pearl earrings –

Beaded blouse –
Floral blouse –
Palazzo trousers –
Heist shorts –
White boots –
Nude heels –
Midi heels –
Jumper dress –
Pink coat –
Leather trousers –
Beige knit –
Wool coat –
Mac jacket –
Cashmere roll neck –
Midi skirt –

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  1. Josie, fantastic content but please, please take the labels off your shoes….you can blast them with a hot hairdryer and they will peel right off!

  2. Very nice!!!!!!***❤️❤️❤️

  3. Happy to see your H&M hauls Josie 👍 hope to see more of autumnal pcs from this brand. Also cant wait for your LA/Palm Spring purchases pls pls

  4. Love the leather pants.
    Josie, I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you have been to me with my own style. I have always loved pink and seeing you totally embrace it has inspired me. I wear a lot more of it now. I have started to look more into burgundy, grey, deep green and navy as alternative base colours to black. They still provide the base, which I really like for pants and skirts, but they also provide colour, which of course black doesn't do. What I like, too, is that now I think about how each new item goes with what I already have. I feel as though I have a more workable wardrobe and make multiple outfits from just a few items.

  5. Hi Josie just wondering how tall are you just trying to figure out if I am tall enough for some of the items in your haul

  6. I love the white sweater dress from Top Shop! 💕 If you had been able to do a meet up while in LA, I would’ve loved to come!! 😘

  7. Hi Josie, what bag are you carrying in the thumbnail picture? Thank you x

  8. Josie ❇️ lovely pieces as always 💞 Pink coat is to die for!! I have to pray about it being synthetic or it would be on it's way 🛫

  9. If I lived in London (I’m in the States), I would soooo be there!! Can you please Vlog so I can feel like I’m there?! Congrats Josie!

  10. Many beautiful items. Loved the blouse you are wearing. Also the pink coat is so special.

  11. Oh and have been LOVING H&M lately! More please 🙂

  12. Hello Beautiful, your hair looks lovely.
    Love the pink coat and the Ted Baker of course! Wish I could meet you in London:(
    Have you done a styling video with black leather leggings? Could use your expert advice ♡♡♡
    ALSO, hows the new place coming along?

  13. Hi Josie, the top you’re wearing is so beautiful. I really enjoyed this video, some beautiful pieces 😍
    I also wanted to say thank you for your advice regarding underwear, I’ve bought some from M&S I’m hoping they will work just as well 🤞🤞🙏😂
    Thank you for sharing xxx

  14. Dear Josie!I love this kind of videos although the preces and brands mentioned are not my favorite. Loved ted baker's coat !!! I'm very sad for not being there and going to the event to see you! but I'm very happy for you. please do one come shopping with me but for brands like reiss, ted baker, club monaco … pieces that are on your wish list💕💕💕 buy less but better Quality!!! Love you Josie! And i love see your whork. Please put the size that you by!!! Please😂

  15. After seeing that TB coat in your Paris video I've been eyeing it! What size did you purchase? Quality video as always! xo

  16. some lovely items Josie.. I have recently discovered H&M ( yes I know.. late to the party lol) and i love their stuff. Top Shop is also a new favourite of mine. Really looking forward to seeing what content you have in store for us regarding trends and styles for this coming season. Is there any way to could film a video for a complete novice like me on the basics of an Autumn/Winter wardrobe on a budget please? It's something that I would find extremely helpful. Sending, , much love, as always, from Deepest, Darkest Devon. xxxx

  17. Josie thanks for your great videos and style tips! Could you do a video on wedding guest dresses for autumn/winter? ❤️❤️

  18. Hey Josie ! As per usual, I would like to thank your for your style tips, your positivity and everything else ! 💗💗 And as for your Autumn Edit, I would really appreciate a video dedicated to accessories (scarves, gloves, hats, maybe even tights and socks, and all that jazz) and how to be warm and yet super stylish and classy ! (I'm moving to Switzerland on November the 1st and I'm quite afraid of the cold there…)

  19. The blouse you’re wearing is beautiful.

  20. Josie thank you for your lovely video! Always a pleasure to watch. My new wardrobe item is the Reiss Tyne trousers in berry! 😊

  21. Great pieces for Fall! 🍂🍃🍂

  22. Lovely pieces! I love &other Stories and recently found some new items for my Autumn wardrobe! You can see them here if you are interested Also been eyeing some cashmere and leather pieces from H&M's Premium collection that I may buy.

  23. Josie… it would have been really nice if this meet up was scheduled this last summer, it would have given some of us, your fans from Nigeria who were holidaying in London an opportunity to meet you as well. 💜

  24. Love the video! Such a beautiful coats!! And the cashmere sweater ofcourse for me. Again I found some beautiful cashmere pieces for stunning prices in my yt video next week!

  25. Please bring back topics about healthy lifestyle, sport routines and things like that. Thx. 🙂

  26. Josie, miss seeing the doggies and your new appartment.

  27. That blouse is beautiful. I love the earrings. Thanks for the video Josie!!

  28. Josie + Ted Baker, so exciting!! Hopefully there will be more meet-ups on this side of the Atlantic.  
    Love all the new pieces, and will definitely be needing that Ted Baker trench

  29. I was waiting for the chloe reveal, didn't you buy something in paris ???

  30. I love the Topshop coat but it may be a bit too pink. But saying that, I thought I couldn't pull off white and I now have so many white items in my wardrobe thanks to you 😉

  31. Hi Josie. I really like the new pieces. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful trips with us, I enjoy them so much. Have a beautiful week.

  32. Beautiful video! Josie please please do a meet up at the beginning of December! I'll be flying from San Francisco to London and I'll be from 29.11 to 2.12 in London and I'd love to see you!!!!

  33. You are so well put together so I don't understand why you keep the tags on the sole of your shoes/

  34. Youtube is not notifying me about your videos anymore 😩😩😩
    beautiful items! ❤️❤️ you inspire me and my style sooo much
    I really wish I lived in London so I could meet you on Thursday!

  35. Youtube is not notifying me about your videos anymore 😩😩😩
    beautiful items! ❤️❤️ you inspire me and my style sooo much

  36. Youtube is not notifying me about your videos anymore 😩😩😩
    beautiful items! ❤️❤️ you inspire me and my style sooo much

  37. Please do a sezane haul! I spent way too much there recently but they have a beautiful Parisian style, are sustainable and high quality. Very transparent as to where things are made and also have a dedicated charity called demain. I think you would love them! Please do a winter haul!

  38. Ok first let’s say just how FABULOUS you look in that pink coat! How I wish I were young and beautiful I think I could probably have a wardrobe to rival yours! My new wardrobe items are quite simple. A pair of boyfriend distressed jeans, cream jumper, gray jumper, cream wide leg cropped jeans, black & white blazer and a tan belt with the double rings. Oh and my first pair ever of over the knee boots! Looking forward to seeing new videos. Take care Josie!

  39. Love love love this collection of clothes 😍😍😍 your videos are always so well made!

  40. Josie, So classy & chic! 💫💕

  41. Love love love your hair on this length!

  42. Love all the items! Obsessed with your videos, I could watch them for hours !!! 💛

  43. I ve spotted a creamy faux leather pants in ZARA with 19,95!! Go check if you are interested… Loved all your new purchases you are amazing !

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