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What I’m Wearing:
White & green dress –
(US) White & green dress –
Chunky chain necklace –
(US) Chunky chain necklace –
Smaller chain pearl bracelet –
(US) Smaller chain pearl bracelet –
Alta chain pearl bracelet –
(US) Alta chain pearl bracelet –
Bracelet –
(US) Bracelet -
Hoop earrings –

White & green dress –
(US) White & green dress –
Cable knit jumper –
(US) Cable knit jumper –
Seen On Her cardigan –
Gymshark leggings –
Gymshark sports bra –
Sleeper pyjamas –
(US) Sleeper pyjamas –
Valentino boots – [USE CODE FF10MUMBLR FOR 10% OFF – Ts&Cs below] Chloé trainers – [USE CODE FF10MUMBLR FOR 10% OFF – Ts&Cs below] Sophie Allport slippers – [15% OFF WITH CODE PAWTY] Sequin bralette –
(US) Sequin bralette –
Gymshark zip pullover –
Burgundy leggings –
(US) Burgundy leggings –
Holland Cooper jumper –
Holland Cooper wellington boots –
Bee button cardigan –
(US) Bee button cardigan –
Worn with Forever New skirt –
Mock neck jumper –
(US) Mock neck jumper –
Jumper dress –
(US) Jumper dress –
Chloé boots –
Pink puffer coat –
(US) Pink puffer coat –
Smocked dress –
(US) Smocked dress –
Gucci belt –
(US) Gucci belt –
Floral dress –
(US) Floral dress –
Sleeveless jumper –
(US) Sleeveless jumper –
Gold peplum top –
(US) Gold peplum top –
Fluffy cami top –
(US) Fluffy cami top –
Fluffy cardigan –
(US) Fluffy cardigan –
Teddy coat –
(US) Teddy coat –
Cable knit jumper –
(US) Cable knit jumper –
Michael Kors bag –
(US) Michael Kors bag –
Sweetheart knit top –
(US) Sweetheart knit top –
Worn with Forever New skirt –

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  1. Keep the pale pink coat, it is beautiful! (like you!)

  2. So many lovely pieces and Josie looks so gorgeous in them all. All those cute snuggly cream knitwears and you really suit burgundy the leggings and the long skirt just so festive. Yes to the pink coat for snow days and my favourite your gorgeous cream teddy coat, keep hovering over it for myself!! 😍 xx

  3. I think your dress is beautiful!

  4. Happy holidays! In true holiday spirit of giving, I want to challenge my favorite Luxury Bloggers to publish a video on how they intend on donating to those affected by COVID or those less fortunate. Is it possible to partner with Rewards style and/or sponsor brands to donate a percentage of proceeds from best-selling holiday items?

  5. I had to get those grey moss gymshark leggings! They looked so good on you!

  6. I Watch evry single vlog and video. Not all ways Great at commenting the videos tho but I looove Your videos. I Wish I could Wear Møre skirts and dresses. But as a florist i cant wear Long skirts Cuz i dont wanna rouin the garnents. Oasis tube glue, sap from all Kinds of Greens. No😔

  7. does anyone know this lady's height?

  8. It is difficult to see the full view of the clothings as most of the time you are not in view full length like with the pink puffy coat I couldn't see the length on you. I love that coat but want to see the length on you please before I buy xx

  9. The pink puffer coat is definitely a keeper!!!

  10. Nah to the puffer jacket. The video was very enjoyable! 🙂

  11. Love your hair in this video Josie! I would keep the poufy pink coat if I lived in colder climate 😀

  12. Keep the coat! Such a flattering colour on you!

  13. I'm in LOVE with the pink coat! Please tell me you kept it!

  14. Josie I finally caught up with your last 4 videos 🥰 You are such a hard worker, i’m breathless just watching. Loved each and everyone ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Hi Josie! Thank you so much for sharing what's new in your wardrobe. Always love to see and hear your thoughts! 💕Everything looks fabulous and on you!

  16. Josie, I bought the Ted Baker burgundy dress last year after your event vlog! On Christmas morning, when I came downstairs, my father-in-law actually gasped! 😂 I felt like a princess all day. Thank you! xx

  17. Love your fashion videos! Especially after seing all the work they actually take in your vlogs 💖

  18. Omg,Josie!That Ted Baker jacket😍If you can find ANY reason to justify adding it to your wardrobe-just keep it, I personally think it is lovely and looks amazing on you!

  19. You are my favorit personal shopper, I have already bought the Ted Baker White and green dress and the Burberry scarf. Thank you for making shopping and Christmas Wishing so much easier. The things that I’m bying now (after seing you youtube ans Lydias) I never regret bying.

  20. You are looking beautiful and your fashion videos are great. You are very eloquent and elegant. X

  21. Love this video, I didn't see the link for the leggings that you paired with the Reiss sweater and the Wellington boots from Holland and Cooper. Can you link the leggings you are wearing? Are your boots true to size? Thanks Josie, your videos are a pure joy.

  22. Love the pink puffer coat! 💖

  23. Hi Josie love that pink coat, definitely keep it looks lovely on you. Loved all the garments, you put so much into your filming💜💜🐶🐶

  24. Am I the only one who press like before watching Josie's video for the trust that it is going to be a good one for sure??! Xx lots of love 💝

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