Saturday , December 5 2020
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WHAT'S NEW IN RIVER ISLAND // Haul & Try On // Fashion Mumblr

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I’m wearing:

Pink hairband:
Beige coat:
Floral blouse:
Cream coat:
Metallic coat:
Faux fur trainers:
Cape coat:
Beige OTK boots:
Faux fur coat:

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  1. loved everything in your haul

  2. I feel the same about chunky trainers but those are AMAZING!

  3. I love the gold jacket……great haul…..always fun to watch

  4. Josie darling that Metallica jacket looks awesome and cute on you girl 💙😈💖👍💝😎👗.

  5. You nailed it again as usual.

  6. Try pairing the puffer coat with cream jeans or leggings and a cream roll neck and add the sneakers and you will definitely be on trend with the monochromatic look as well. ❤

  7. These chunky trainers are more your style rather than the other ones.

  8. Are you keeping the utility jacket? If yes, will you style it with midi skirt or floral clothing? I really want to see if it will fit in a feminine style wardrobe!

  9. in love with the trainers ❤️

  10. Josie, you're on fire. Love the gold puffer jacket and the plaid poncho(?). Very nice. I even liked the pink floral top. I will be checking your Instagram to see how you style those boots.

  11. Very cheap looking items for the most part

  12. Faux leather jackets- I got one once. Lovely to look at, beautiful on but I had to give it away.

    Faux leather is PLASTIC and it’s like wearing a plastic bag. It DOES NOT BREATHE AT ALL. I was both sweating AND chilly often at the same time.

    Buyers BEWARE! Any Faux leather jacket (or shoes/boots or tops or pants) desperately need some type of ventilation to allow the skin to breathe.

  13. Josie I must say you must be the most stylish observer at Charlie’s rugby games! Great selection! All the pieces will match that beautiful purse , the LV Metis pochette you purchased during your winter wonderland trip in the Alps .

  14. I m from morroco.and i want to tell u you are the only one youtuber who i love aaaalllll your clothes.and u look fantastic in every piece u wear.

  15. Josie ❇️ I acquiesce… The faux fur chunky trainers are smart!! They should pair well w/all of the jackets you presented today + what you already own… w/your black (lol) & brown leather leggings; Tyne trousers; sure your cream midi skirts (but don't) 🤐

  16. Favourite item would HAVE to be the floral blouse!!! xx

  17. 10:31 the way she handled the mirror yet kept it professional 😍

  18. A great vlog as always,haven’t seen your lonely mum lately hope she is well and could we have an update on your new office please xx💕

  19. I think this is the first haul where I just like one item (the cape), the rest choices were meh of ugh hahahaha. Lots of love Josie!

  20. I subscribed to the newsletter a few months back but I dont receive anything. Is it the same one as on your blog?

  21. Loved all the items.. I like the way u r trying new items bit away from ur normal style.. Well done.. Looking forward to seeing you styling the new items ❤️

  22. The white jacket…. Goals 🎯 😍😍

  23. A nice mixed bag this haul 🍁

  24. Fall? What is fall? Yesterday it was cummer and 80 degrees. Today it is snowing and 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

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