Friday , November 27 2020
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What's the future of the US-China trade deal?

Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes believes that doing the U.S-China trade deals in phases over a grand deal is a good thing.

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  1. Trump lost trade war with China. Next year China will open up money market in China to capture foreign money to save China economy and money debts. US helped China to get out of bankruptcy and build up China military force against the world. US lost trade war with China.

  2. This is a nothing event…….. same as last time. There is no deal. Just a bunch of H/S trying to save face.

  3. so you just admitted that Huawei thing was for trade leverage…. lol

  4. Stop it altogether so I can start paying normal prices for stuff again ? That would be nice.

  5. are we really going to trust little china to keep their word? what happened to check but verify?

  6. May our Heavenly Father reveal the Truth to all who are in bondage and blindness of Satan. Trump was annointed and appointed by God. No weapon formed against Trump will prosper. God can anoint and appoint ANYONE. In the Bible, God anointed and appointed David, a young shepherd boy to be King of Israel. America has a chance to be great again through Trump from God. ALL evil Demon Crats and haters of Trump will be destroyed by God. Satan can possess people to say evil things and do evil deeds. In the Bible, Jesus cast out 1,000 demons from a man possessed. Satan hates God, Trump and everybody else and wants to take everyone to Hell and torment them forever. Satan will be destroyed by God as prophesied in Revelations of the Bible. Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Jesus defeated Satan at the cross. On Judgment day, ALL knees will bow and all tongues will confess that Jesus is Lord.

  7. Trump Tariff Boa Constrictor Strategy is Working

    > Then as Communist China "Cries Stop" .. Release Pressure to USA Advantage.

  8. Why no relief on those HS codes paying 25 %???? Oh not going 30% . I would like to have list of the companies who received federal exempts and not having to pay their 25%! I bet if you looked hard enough at the exempt list you will find a conflict there! Basically this pause is being over hyped!

  9. Trade deal been 3 YEARS!!!! in attempt!!!! Seems to be showing incompetence!!!!

  10. So, China makes concessions, US doesn't remove tariffs? 🤔
    Sooooo much inovation in China… Yet it all comes crumbling down without "essential US technology".
    What this has done is exposed the how FRAGILE China's economy is and how much it relies on the US to grow.
    You're not the leader of 5G if you're dependant on US for crucial parts to build your networks.
    Your Great and proud high tech companies CANNOT survive a US blacklist and tremble in fear of the thought of being delisted from US stock exchanges knowing it means R.I.P. China dream.

  11. If Trump makes a great deal, democrats will slam him for not supporting HK demonstrators. Luckily Trump dont care what dem medias do! So, its a great deal, and economy and stock markets will skyrocket!

  12. Bahahahahaha!!!! I love that the farm deal came out like an hour after this aired, BIG WIN FOR THE FARMERS AND FOR AMERICAN AND FOR TRUMP!!!!!!! MAGA

  13. freedom, democracy, human rights………if we only focus on trade and money, at the end we'll be loser; control by communist china! just like british, australia, italy, canada, italy…..all bending over!

  14. China has wisdom!!! They know treasonoustrump & supporters are fools. No deals now until we have a MUCH BETTER LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT. China laughs keep bailing out bankruptcies you caused!

  15. Trump delayed tariffs China lied again. That's all that happened.

  16. This was a MAJOR nail in the DemoRats coffin!!! I see the House turning VERY RED in 2020!!!

  17. The United States Got nothing out of this BS agreement. Now everyone thinks this is a great deal.
    The Chinese are Communist and they will lie, cheat, steal and lie again and then lie about cheating.
    They have been doing that since they took power in China and they are never going to stop. They have
    Destroyed every important industry in the US they will never stop.
    Everyone needs to wake up it may already be to late to stop their World dominance.

  18. Agreements with PRC might be a mistake. PRC makes agreements to break 'em.

  19. lmfao. this is phase 1, its all going to crash down again…

  20. We don't need to buy products made with asbestos, painted with lead paint. What's next, their big export Fentanyl mixed into their products. They can shove the poison up their slanted aholes

  21. Trumps brand has received 30+ patents approved by china, his trade war pushed them into it. China still has nothing to to show for the exchange.

  22. How many times has Donnie pulled this stunt in an effort to buoy the stock market? Each and every time they were all lies, don't fall for it any more!

  23. Seems to be a lot of anti Trump troll infesting the comment section of Fox News as of late.

  24. Americans are good at self destruction. So wait for while, China. The best time to strike a deal will come. It's not now.

  25. I personally believe it's not a good idea for the Chinese to talk with Loopy Tariff Trump, given the fact this mentally unstable clown thought it was good the day before and trashes it the day after. He himself admitted he second thought on everything. So why wasting time on him? He won't honor any deal sooner or later. Let him explode and American economy crash first. That's Chinese best strategy in the long term.

  26. Trump just caved. China laughing all the way to the bank.

  27. WHAT deal?
    Trumpet not moving his companies out of China, LOL…
    They are not making any deal for USA. LOL

    So keep up the lies for trump, family and friends.
    The stock markets are making that money. LOL

  28. You can't say you saved the baby….. if your the one that held it under water… Come on man.

  29. So trump is backing off on China tariffs a little and China will start buying farm products from the US. Are we going to square one again.

  30. I'm sure it'll be a freaking mess like everything else

  31. Trump will fold because China has proof he wasn't joking when he asked them to "investigate" the Bidens. Trump is simply trying to spin that he caved and now he's Xi's best friend.

  32. The biggest threat to China is if we start buying American products.

  33. 3-5 weeks to get our full deal.

  34. Do you guys have like a 51 Democrats in there all voting to impeach laugh out loud you guys are so corrupt

  35. When China starts cheating which they will Trump will pull out of the deal . They have proven over and over that they cant be trusted

  36. Why are you guys lying about the polls

  37. Paul Ryan Fox News I mean fake news corrupt news

  38. If this deal broken by Beijing, then no more talk and raise tariffs immediately. Communist don't keep promises. Never believe them, don't even think about trusting them.

  39. Latino's support President TRUMP 💯🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  40. Made in the USA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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