Tuesday , June 22 2021
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While Zoos Are Closed To The Public, Keepers Care For Animals Big And Small | NBC Nightly News

Visitors may not be able to visit the nation’s zoos because of the coronavirus pandemic, but the animals still need care. Zookeepers are giving them extra attention, even reading students’ letters to the creatures.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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While Zoos Are Closed To The Public, Keepers Care For Animals Big And Small | NBC Nightly News


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  1. They are probably happy no 1 ain't there tapping on the glass

  2. Praise God! Thank you for been so selfless my heart goes out to you beautiful ppl who love animals. My heart is breaking..💔

  3. I would love to work in them zoo

  4. Wow and you think you're helping these poor little animals? Now I want you to take a step back , look at the bigger picture. Those animals are running freely. You're the one is stuck in a cage …….

    What goes around comes around privilidge ! The chickens are coming home to roost!!!

  5. Why do we still have Zoos? Terrible to cage wild animals.

  6. How cute with the kids writing kind letters to the animals.

  7. I would like to become a Zoo Keeper or at least volunteer feeding animals and hanging out with them. 🙂

  8. Keepers, wear a mask! Some animals may be infected.

  9. come on readying to animals

  10. Its crasy how most women have more empathy for animals than their own aborted babies..

  11. fire this poppet Trump ,he is behind all of this ,CIA and mossad job

  12. And meanwhile …
    ….in the wilds of the game reserves in South Africa…

    You can tune in to see "WildEarth"
    Live 2x a day from Sabi Sands Djuma Game Reserve..

    Even though they are in Lock Down
    …for now.. WildEarth presents a live, 3 hours, In real time, interactive, guided safari bush drive.

    They have a Final Control staff directing on site and they can relay viewers' questions in real time to the safari guides to answer you by name on camera.
    It really is wonderful!
    Live 2x a day…
    It airs live on WildEarth channel (and Facebook, Twitter and Twitch)
    Sunrise bush drive is at 9:00 pm PDT
    Sunset bush drive is at 6:30 am PDT

    (times are listed in the description at the WildEarth channel) ^.~

  13. God will get us through this. 🙏

  14. Are you kidding me this lady saying she's risking her life but there's only one person allowed in a Room at a time. Try being a stocker at a grocery store right now. Straight feels like Russian roulette.

  15. Free the animals😡😡😡😡😡

  16. Working at a zoo with no public sounds like a DREAM to me.

  17. aww i wanna write too them

  18. It should be like that for the animals maybe show them to small groups at a time like a booked tour. It's very stressful to be on constant display like they are. Ever heard of zoochosis? Look into if you don't know it's sad. Ever see a animal walk in circles over and over all day? They are literally loosing their minds…

  19. I'm sure that sloth understood every word..

  20. Personally I'd just claim a shed & move in with my cats & self quarantine there. Well if it was a smaller zoo anyway & I was actually able to do the work.
    To these animals these keepers are heros.

  21. Actually there blessed to be working and not out of a job like so many Americans, what kind of news is this?

  22. Whats the risk for zookeepers if theres no one there?

  23. The heartbreaking part of the story we still have zoos.

  24. Poor babies! They are just innocent and don't understand why they have no extra visitors or treats from zoo goers!



  26. just let them go back to the nature humans….

  27. I’m only here cuz of tiger king

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